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Outstanding International Student-Josephine Naa Norkor Dowuona

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Josephine Naa Norkor Dowuona popularly known as 静美 (Jing Mei) is an international student from Ghana studying Food Science and biological engineering in Jiangsu University. During her four-year undergraduate study, Josephine has actively taken part in countless competitions and won numerous department, school and provincial scholarships and honors. She is a flexible young lady with a strong interest in academics, language, and culture, and Chinese is no exception. “I don't simply like Chinese; I like China and everything about it” as she would normally say. Looking back on when she first arrived in China from Ghana as a 17-year-old in 2019, She has received so much experience, knowledge, managerial and leadership abilities.

Josephine was awarded the Jiangsu Excellence Students Scholarship thrice in 2020, 2021 and 2022, Four consecutive Food Science Scholarships, the Jiangsu Jasmine provincial scholarship twice in 2021 and 2022 and completed a 2-tenure role as a student leader, precisely, Head of Olive media Photography for international students. She then wrote the national Chinese language proficiency test (HSK 4) in her 2nd year passing remarkably, awarded the Chinese Language star from the language center of Jiangsu university and was a co-author to a scientific paper published in October, 2022.

A Chinese speech contest trial was held in Jiangsu University, which upon competing, won 2nd Prize and was selected to represent the school in the provincial level speech competition, where she also came out victorious, and won 1st Prize, and was officially broadcasted in the news. However, Josephine’s enthusiasm didn’t end there, aiming at a much higher achievement which in turn came out successful, participating in the 2021 Chinese Bridge GLOBAL Chinese speech competition and coming out 2nd out of hundreds. Josephine also won excellent prize award out of thousands of entries all over the world in “My story of Chinese Hanzi” GLOBAL Chinese speech competition in 2022 after which she was selected to participate in the 2023 Belt and road Global youth tour to Henan Province, China.

In 2021 and 2023, Josephine represented her Country in the 11th and 13th International Cultural Festival, won 1st Prize in the city’s poetry contest (2020 Zhenjiang overseas students’ short video competition for poetry recitation), and also got the opportunity to do a tang poetry performance at the Zhenjiang theatre. She was then selected to perform at the Discover Jiangsu provincial cultural event hosted by the Jiangsu provincial People’s government, with many other sponsors and covered by the media at the Zhenjiang Museum at xi jin du.

She also won 1st Prize in the 2021 Overseas students writing spring festival couplets(calligraphy) competition, 3rd Prize in the 2021 International students calligraphy, painting, talent and art competition and 1st Prize in the 2021 Jiangda Idols singing competition, 3rd place in the National foreigners singing Chinese songs competition in 2020, 3 different awards and performances during the 2022 Chinese language day celebration, 3rd prize in the 2022 Zhenjiang photography and short video competition and many more.

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