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Outstanding International Student- Chidiebele Nwankwo

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Chidiebele Nwankwo is a faculty member at the University of Nigeria, currently studying for a Ph.D in the School of Food and Biological Engineering (FBE), Jiangsu University. He is a CSC scholar, enrolled in 2020 and his research, under the supervision of Prof Heng-Lin Cui, focuses on halophilic archaea and the application of their enzymes in food processing. By March 2023, Chidiebele was selected as the Organizing secretary of the Post Graduate academic club for all international students in Jiangsu University.

Ever eager to learn and in line with the university’s guidelines on participating in events, Chidiebele participated in the “The Past, Present and Future of Agriculture” seminar and knowledge competition organized by the Society for Agricultural Mechanization and won the second prize with his team in May, 2023.

An excellent post graduate student evidenced by commendable outputs, Chidiebele was awarded the Academic Star Individual Scholarship for 2022-2023 academic year by the OEC. He was also awarded the FBE 2023 scholarship based on excellent accomplishments in academics and every facet of his student life in Jiangsu University. In 2020, Chidiebele won the Explorer’s Club OceanX grant for excellent proposal and the project has progressed with findings at the review stage for publication. Chidiebele has published more than 10 research papers in reputable journals and presented at many international conferences including SETAC YES conference, 2022, and ICWA, 2022; SETAC Africa 2021. Chidiebele is the current monitor for FBE international post graduate students and the class representative for all CSC 2019, 2020 and 2021 scholars.

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