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Welcome new international students to FBE

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Four overseas graduate students and one undergraduate student enrolled in the School of Food and Biological Engineering(FBE) in March 2023. It's always exciting to see new students joining FBE and beginning their academic journey in China at Jiangsu University. It’s also worth noting that ten international students are expected to finish their studies and graduate in June.

Over the past ten years, the School of Food and Biological Engineering awarded 163 overseas students from over 35 countries and regions, including Ghana, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nepal, and Cameroon. Currently, there are 80 overseas students in the school are studying across different academic levels, including 47 doctoral students, 24 master students, and 9 undergraduate students. This demonstrates the commitment of our school to providing a diverse and inclusive learning environment that welcomes students from all over the world.

Our school is committed to providing professional and high-quality education for overseas students. The school utilizes its resources and disciplines to enhance the intercultural communication competence of its students, as a step in the right direction toward achieving the goal of our tremendous message. The convergent management model and integrating international teaching resources are effective ways to improve the education quality. By doing so, the school is not only creating a more inclusive and diverse learning environment but also enhancing the internationalization level of research cooperation and discipline construction. This helps to build the overseas education brand of the school, which will further attract more international students to study at Jiangsu University.

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