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Zou Xiaobo

Name:Zou Xiaobo
Professor; PhD supervisor
Address:School of food and biological engineering, Room 309


2002-2005 Ph.D., Jiangsu University,
Major research areas: Nondestructive detection on quality of food & agricultural products
1997-2001 M.S., Jiangsu Institute of Technology,
Major research areas: Automatic detection
1993-1997 B.S., Jiangsu Institute of Technology,
Major: Agricultural machinery engineering

Professional Experience
2017.05 Dean of School of Food and Biological Engineering, Jiangsu university
2015.03-2015.06 Visiting Professor, Leeds University UK
2013.12-2014.01 Visiting Scholar, California Institute of Technology
2012.11 Distinguished professor of Jiangsu Province
2011.06 Vice dean of Graduate School of Jiangsu University
2008.10-2009.09 Visiting Scholar, Leeds University UK
2011.08 Professor, Jiangsu University
2007.07- 2011.07 Associate Professor, Jiangsu University
1997.09-2005.12 Lecturer, Jiangsu Institute of Technology


Scientific Research Field
·Infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging technology for the determination of food composition, food quality and food authenticity.
Infrared spectrum and hyperspectral imaging technology could be used to rapidly detect the food composition, food quality and food authenticity with the help of chemometrics. Quantitative and qualitative discrimination models could be built according to the spectrum information that is closely related with the food composition and food quality. Infrared spectrum and hyperspectral imaging technology have become two of the most important tools for rapid and nondestructive detection of food and agricultural products.

·Electrochemical techniques for the determination of heavy metal in aquatic products
Aquatic products is one of the main protein sources for human diet. However, the health risk associated with consumption of aquatic products contaminated by heavy metals is an important global concern. To ensure the edible safety, it is meaningful to develop method for heavy metal detection. Electrochemical techniques have many advantages, such as easy operation, fast reaction, and simple equipment. Therefore, it has broad prospect in the determination of heavy metal. The electrochemical sensor is the most important part of the detection system. To rapid detect heavy metal in aquatic products, several electrochemical sensors had been prepared by our group, including ferroferric oxide and graphene composite modified electrode, in-site plating bismuth and graphene modified electrode, gold nanoparticles and graphene composite modified electrode, and L-cysteine functionalized gold nanoparticles and graphene modified electrode. The ferroferric oxide and graphene composite modified electrode exhibited good linear relationship with Cd in the range of 2~70 μg/L, with a detection limit of 0.53 μg/L. The in-site plating bismuth and graphene modified electrode exhibited good linear relationship with Pb in the range of 2~80 μg/L, with a detection limit of 0.17 μg/L. The gold nanoparticles and graphene composite modified electrode exhibited good linear relationship with Hg in the range of 1~33 μg/L, with a detection limit of 0.29 μg/L. The L-cysteine functionalized gold nanoparticles and graphene modified electrode exhibited good linear relationship with Cu in the range of 2~60 μg/L, with a detection limit of 0.037 μg/L. After digestion, the prepared sensors were employed to measure the heavy metal in aquatic products extracts, and the obtained results were satisfactory.

·Fluorescent nanoprobe for the determination of ingredients and harmful chemicals in food and agricultural products
Our team engaged in fabrication of fluorescent nanoprobe and their application in rapid and ultrasensitive detection of important ingredients and harmful chemicals in food and agricultural products. Harmful chemicals can lead to food poisoning frequently, and some chemicals can accumulate in the body and endanger human health. At present, the research mainly focused on detection of harmful chemicals in meat, vegetables, milk and soy products with the aid of fluorescent quantum dots(such as carbon quantum dots, nitride carbon quantum dots, molybdenum disulfide quantum dots ) and metal nanoclusters. For example, Carbon quantum dots combined with neutral red, gold nanoparticles, gold nanoclusters, and silver nanoparticles have been used for detection of nitrite in ham sausage and vegetables, melamine in milk, trypsin inhibitor in soybean, and tetracycline in milk, respectively. These detection have been achieved excellent performance and rapid and ultrasensitive detection of harmful chemicals in food and agricultural products have been realized.

·Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the determination of pesticide residue in food and agricultural products
Our team also engaged in fabrication of metal nanoparticles and specific Raman reporter molecules to realize the rapid and ultrasensitive detection of hazardous and harmful substances in food and agricultural products. Aptamer could bind with target specific selectively, metal nanoparticles (such as gold nanoparticle, silver nanoparticle, gold nanoparticle flowers, silver nanoparticle cluster) aggregation could realize surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), and Raman reporter with specific spectra could anti-interference. These three parts could achieve the rapid, ultrasensitive and anti-interference detection of hazardous and harmful substances (acetamiprid, imidacloprid, malathion and chlorpyrifos) in food and agricultural products (cabbage, apple juice, wheat and maize, etc).

·Fluorescent nanoprobe for the determination of mycotoxin in food and agricultural products
Currently, combining nanomaterials and biomolecule recognition units shows promise in the development of bioassay techniques. So, the search for appropriate luminescent nanomaterials which can overcome the limitations suffered by the normal phosphors is a necessary challenge in current biotechnological studies. In order to enhance the detection sensitivity, many highly luminescent nanomaterials such as semiconductor quantum dots, lanthanide doped particles and fluorescent dye-doped silica nanoparticles have been introduced in biodetection. Upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs) exhibit unique luminescent properties, including the ability to convert longer wavelength (usually near-infrared light or infrared light) radiation to shorter wavelength (ultraviolet or visible light) fluorescence via a two-photon or multi-photon mechanism, and are emerging as a new class of fluorescent biolabels. Therefore, a sensitive luminescent bioassay for the mycotoxin zearalenone (ZEN) was developed using aptamer-conjugated magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) as the recognition and UCNPs as highly sensitive labels. The aptamer DNA hybridized with the complementary DNA to form the duplex structure on the surface of the MNPs/UCNPs probe. In the presence of ZEN, the aptamer preferentially binds with ZEN and causes a decreased luminescent signal and thus results in the specific recognition of the target.


Social academic post and honor
Science & Technology Award for Chinese Youth
The Chinese top 100 doctoral dissertation award


Teaching Courses
Non-destructive rapid quality detection of agricultural products
Food processing machinery and equipment


Published papers
More than 100 papers & 4 books have been published. Selected Publications as follows:
1.Li, Wenting;Shi, Yongqiang;Hu, Xuetao;Li, Zhihua;Huang, Xiaowei;Holmes, Melvin;Gong, Yunyun;Shi, Jiyong;Zou, Xiaobo. Visual detection of nitrite in sausage based on a ratiometric fluorescent system. FOOD CONTROL, v106, Dec, 2019.
2.Tahir, Haroon Elrasheid;Zou Xiaobo;Mahunu, Gustav Komla;Arslan, Muhammad; Abdalhai, Mandour);Li Zhihua. Recent developments in gum edible coating applications for fruits and vegetables preservation: A review. CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS, v224, 15, Nov, 2019.
3.Xu, Xuechao;Wang, Linjie;Zou, Xiaobo;Wu, Shuwen;Pan, Jianming;Li, Xin;Niu, Xiangheng. Highly sensitive colorimetric detection of arsenite based on reassembly-induced oxidase-mimicking activity inhibition of dithiothreitol-capped Pd nanozyme. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v298, Nov, 2019.
4.Yang, Zhikun; Zou, Xiaobo;Li, Zhihua; Huang, Xiaowei;Zhai, Xiaodong; Zhang, Wen;Shi, Jiyong ; Tahir, Haroon Elrasheid. Improved Postharvest Quality of Cold Stored Blueberry by Edible Coating Based on Composite Gum Arabic/Roselle Extract. FOOD AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY, v12, n9, p1537-1547.
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Main Scientific Research Projects
1. National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFC1800800) ¥2000K
2. National Natural Science Foundation of China (31671844) ¥650 K
3. National Science-technology Support Plan Projects (2015BAD17B04) ¥1000K
4. Jiangsu province science fund for distinguished young scholars (BK20130010) ¥800K
5. National Natural Science Fund:  (Grant Nos. 31671844) ¥500K
6. National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFD0400800) ¥500K

Applied for 65 invention patents, 49 of them have been authorized, 3 international patent have been authorized.


Scientific Research Achievements and Awards
1. 2015, Higher school science outstanding achievement technology invented the first prize
2. 2015, Recognition award in China patent award
3. 2014, China machinery industry science and technology first prize 
4. 2013, The leading innovative talent in the group of young and middle age working in science and technology 
5. 2012, The first prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province
6. 2008, The second prize for the National Award for Technological Invention

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