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Relevant achievements and subject characteristics

Non-destructive Detection of Food Quality and Intelligent Equipment    Prof. Zou Xiaobo

In late 1980s, our school started the research on techniques for nondestructive detection of agricultural products. According to the physical (optical, mechanics, electric, thermodynamics) and chemical characteristics of agricultural products, we have designed a variety of novel nondestructive detection techniques based on computer vision, visual olfactory sensor array, electronic nose, near infrared ray analysis, and hyperspectral image. The project of “Nondestructive Detection of Agricultural Products” was finished by Prof. Zhaojiewen (a member of Committee of Academic Degree) and his research group, which was sponsored by the National 863 Project. The technological achievements resulted from the project were awarded the second prize of National Award for technological invention by Chinese Government, the first prize for advancement in science & technology by Mechanical Industry League of China, the first prize for invention in technology awarded by Light Industry League of China, and the second prize for advancement in science & technology awarded by the Government of Jiangsu Province. It brings honor to our school and a more positive impact on our university. Prof. Zhao and his group enjoy high reputation in our country and oversea. The Dissertation of Prof. Zou Xiaobo was designated National Excellent Dissertation, and the Dissertation of Prof. Chen Quansheng secured the nomination of 2010 National Excellent Dissertation.

Food Physical Processing and Intelligent Equipment    Prof. Ma Haile

From the late 1980’s, we developed the home-made equipment for extraction of effective ingredients in agricultural products by designing and manufacturing the extraction prototype with supercritical CO2, membrane separation technique, molecular distillation technique, ultrasound assisted extraction technique, microwave assisted extraction technique, high speed countercurrent chromatography, current chromatography, industrial chromatography, etc. The project “extraction of effective ingredients in propolis with supercritical CO2” has been implemented at the industrial level, and the sales achieve more than a billion RMB. This Project was completed by Prof. Ma Haile’s research group. The functional food ‘JU propolis’ has become a famous local product, and this achievement was awarded second prize by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress and the Golden Bridge Prize for the National Technology Market.
Ten years ago, we developed a research on function peptide, which was sponsored by the National 863 Project, National Science and Technology Supporting Plan, Natural Science Foundation of China, Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Jiangsu Provincial Scientific and Technological Achievements into Productivity, etc. We have also developed a new ultrasonic assisted extraction technology and enzyme membrane coupling technique, which were applied to the manufacture of functional peptide, acceleration of the speed of application for gene recombination of functional peptide manufacture. Up till now, we have developed more than 10 new products, designed and manufactured 6 new ultrasonic equipments, applied for 26 patent of invention, and transformed technology into many production lines.

Food Biological Safety      Prof. Zhang Hongyin

The Food Biosafety direction of School of Food and Biological Engineering of Jiangsu University, it has spearheaded a series of research on the biological control of harmful microorganisms in food and post-harvest diseases in agricultural products. It’s research also involves in theoretical and applied study on controlling and degrading mycotoxins in agricultural products. This direction has achieved many innovations in the control of postharvest diseases, mycotoxins of fruits and vegetables by using antagonistic yeast and plant-derived natural bacteriostatic agents. The relevant research results have been tested and applied in Jiangsu Province, showing good application development prospects. In addition, in May 2014, as the only sponsor of Asia, it joined the World Food Preservation Center, which was founded by Dr. Charles Wilson, a pioneer in the field of post-harvest biological control of fruits and vegetables. The research field of this direction currently covers postharvest physiology and pathology of fruits and vegetables, biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables, the theoretical and applied study on the control and degradation of mycotoxins in fruits and vegetables and their products, microbial molecular biology, food quality and safety control, and so on.

Food Nutrition and Health     Prof. Xu Bin

This direction is based on the important relationship between food and human health, explaining the changes of food nutrients and their functional activities during processing, exploring the interaction between food and human body; researching processing strategies to improve food nutrition and function, and developing deep processing technology and healthy food of food resources and processing by-products.
It has distinctive features in the basic research and product development of sugar metabolism and lipid metabolism, functional noodle processing technology and equipment, and evaluation of mechanical texture of noodles.

Food Bioengineering and Intelligent Equipment      Prof. Gao Ruichang

Based on the study of food microbial resources and the development of intelligent fermentation equipment, Food Bioengineering and Intelligent Equipment team always put food biological green manufacturing and cultivation of talents as our core mission. Fermentation engineering has its distinct characteristics. To solve scientific and engineering problems in food fermentation industry, a great deal of work has been carried out in the utilization of the diversity of food microbial resources, the excavation of beneficial microorganisms, the identification of harmful microorganisms, the screening of food starter, the production of fruit wine, the biological production of food additives, the breeding and construction of industrial microbial resources, the digging and development of new enzymes, microbial analysis of traditional fermented foods and its application, flavor regulation of fermented foods, biological production of functional foods and ingredients, gas loop bioreaction, analysis and regulation of biosynthesis mechanism, optimization and control of fermentation process and cleaner production technology. A variety of high-tech equipment with independent intellectual property rights have been developed, which has promoted the upgrading of traditional fermentation industrial equipment. Technological transformation of gas loop bioreactor has made Zhenjiang an important manufacturing base of Bioengineering Equipment in China. The production capacity of D-isoascorbic acid (sodium) of the enterprise served by the food additive 2-keto-D-gluconic acid fermentation technology has reached the largest scale all over the world.

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