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Series Lectures of Four Famous Foreign Experts for Visiting Jiangsu University

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Maurizio Battino from University of Vigo, Spain; Maria Daglia from University of Naples Federico II, Italy; Hesham R. El-Seedi

from Uppsala University, Sweden and Yoshinori Marunaka from Ritsumeikan University,Japan will give series of lectures on Aug.12,2019.







Maurizio Battino

Bioactive   compounds-rich superfoods from Mediterranean Diet


The No.2 lecture hall on the first   floor of the conference center.

Maria Daglia

The   role of functional foods and food supplements in human health: the academic   approach


Hesham R. El-Seedi

Natural   Products Research: Challenges & Opportunities and Applications.


Yoshinori Marunaka

Actions   of polyphenols on physiological events playing essential roles in keeping   good health conditions.



Welcome to attend.



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