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“I just want to say that this ordeal has helped nurture my crisis management” – Sisanda Maulana.

“With every cloud comes a silver liningand this trying period of time has taught me to appreciate and never take for granted the gift of good health and proper safety. It has been a hard and scary period but in English we have a famous saying that goes “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade “ . Out of this epidemic perioddespite the fact that we are scared and have to take extra caution in what we do I am also proud to say that there have been some achievements that have come out of this trying time for example: there was an Online Chinese speech competition that Ii participated in and received an awardand would have never been motivated to do so outside of this situation. I have also had time to appreciate the efforts of the teachers during the online classesand appreciate the technology used for these classesduring this time. I continue to hope and pray for all the fighters, doctors, nurses, scientists and medical workers fighting at the front line of this epidemic.



On behalf of my classmates, the whole school and myself in particular, we want to say a big thank you to the school body and every person out there making sure that we feel safe during these times. There is no reward that can represent our gratitude, this is indeed the true definition of sacrifice.

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