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Announcement of the 7th Jinshan Food Physical Processing Conference

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Background of the conference


In recent years, the application of modern physical technologies such as sound, light, electricity, magnetism and force in food processing have gained significant attention from the food industry because of its unique advantages. A new discipline, food physical processing technology, has quietly emerged. The results from scientific research have demonstrated that food physical processing technologies have a great development potential. It is believed that the physical processing technologies will continue to bring new breakthrough in food processing through more fundamental and applicated research.


In order to strengthen the academic exchange in research and development of food physical processing technologies, Jiangsu University has organized six Jinshan Food Physical Processing Conference (JFPPC) since 2014. More than 69 domestic and foreign experts have given keynote speeches. It has been concluded that physical processing technologies are important to scientific innovation, technological advancement, and industrial upgrading of food industry, making food processing sustainable and positively impacting the world.  


The 7th Jinshan Food Physical Processing Conference  


Jinshan Food Physical Processing Conference(JFPPC) includes four themes, international forum, invited forum, young researcher forum, and enterprise forum. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this conference will be virtual through Zoom. Ten internationally renowned experts are invited to be the keynote speakers to discuss about the technologies related to ultrasound, ultra-high pressure, cold plasma, electric field, infrared, microwave, radio frequency, and electric field. See Attachment I for Agenda of the 7th Conference.


Conference Organizer: Jiangsu University, China.


Conference Chair: Professor Haile Ma, School of food and biological engineering, Jiangsu University, China.


Conference time: September 19-20, 2020.


The video conference system: VooV meeting. Meeting ID: 981 175 450. Password: 123123.  See Attachment II for downloading VooV meeting.


Contact: Mr. Baoguo Xu

Contact phone number: 00 86 151 6299 6278

Email: xubaoguo-cool@163.com


Attachment I

Agenda of the 7th Jinshan Food Physical Processing Conference



Conference contents

Local time

Sept. 20, 2020


Introduce leaders and keynote speech experts


Welcome speech by leader of Jiangsu University, China


Keynote speech on ultra-high pressure processing of food by Professor Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy, McGill University, Canada

Montreal, Canada (21:00-21:35 pm, Sept. 19)


Keynote speech on microwave processing of food by Professor Juming Tang, Washington State University, USA

Pullman, Washington, USA (18:35-19:10 pm, Sept. 19)


Keynote speech on radio frequency processing of food by Professor Jeyam Subbiah University of Arkansas, USA

Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

(21:10-21:45 pm, Sept. 19)


Keynote speech on infrared processing of food by Professor Pan Zhongli of the University of California, Davis, USA

Davis, California, USA (19:45-20:20 pm, Sept. 19)




Keynote speech on ultrasound processing of food by Professor Muthupandian Ashokkumar of The University of Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia (15:30-16:05 pm, Sept. 20)


Keynote speech on cold plasma processing of food by Professor PJ Cullen of the University of Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia (16:05-16:40 pm, Sept. 20)


Keynote speech on ultrasound processing of food by Professor Wu Jian-yong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Hong Kong, China

(14:40-15:15 pm, Sept.20)


Keynote speech on radio frequency thaw of food by Professor Francesco Marra, University of Salerno

Salerno, Italy

(9:15-9:50 am, Sept. 20)


Keynote speech on electric field processing of food by Professor James Lyng, University College Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

(8:50-9:25 am, Sept. 20)


End of Conference


                                                                             (School of Food and Biological Engineering)

Attachment II


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