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International Program of Food Science and Engineering with University of Leeds

This program was approved by Education Department of Jiangsu Province in 2010. Students spend their first two years studying Food Science and Engineering bachelors program at JU and can then spend another two years studying a Food Science bachelors program at University of Leeds.Nowadays,more than 20 students were sent abroad to study at University of Leeds. More than half of them continuted their master study in the U.K.

This program was first international cooperation of bachelor education program of Jiangsu University. The University of Leeds was founded in 1904, is a famous University in the world now. In 2011’s Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, University of Leeds ranked 89th.

Biophysics research with Aarhus University

Our school is cooperating with Aarhus University on field of biophysics, such as protein structure characterization and Nanometer food. We is applying joint education program of Biophysics master to Education Department of Jiangsu Province.

Aarhus University is located in Aarhus of Jutland of Denmark kingdom, has a long history, and is the second largest comprehensive public university.

Food Engineering research with University of California, Davis (UC Davis)

Cooperation research between UC Davis and Jiangsu University is on the infrared processing of agri-products and the bio-energy. Our school has already had 4 teachers and students who studied at UC Davis, in which two are joint training PhD Candidates.

UC Davis is located in Aarhus of Jutland of Denmark kingdom, has a long history. In 2011’s the thes-qs rankings, UC Davis ranked the 38th.

R. Paul Singh visited Jiangsu University in 2007. He is a professor of University of California-Davis, American Academy of Engineering and Editor-in-Chief of Food Engineering.

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