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Lecture of Prof. Yong-Cheng Shi for Visiting Jiangsu University

Yong-Cheng Shi, Professor  

Department of Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University

Lecture for Students and Teachers

Title: Structure and Function of Starch

Time: Jun. 11, 2018, 3:00 pm.
Place: Room 203
, School of Food and Biological Engineering

Introduction to Prof. Yong-Cheng Shi:

Dr. Yong-Cheng Shi is a professor in the Department of Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University (KSU), Manhattan, Kansas. He received his PhD in Grain Science with an emphasis in starch chemistry from KSU in 1993. He worked at National Starch and Chemical Company from 1994 to 2005 prior to becoming a cereal grain carbohydrate faculty at KSU in 2006. He has 15 granted US patents and numerous corresponding patents throughout the world. He is an associate editor for Cereal Chemistry and a member of Advisory Board for Starch and Food Digestion journals. His research areas include: Starch structure and functionality, physical, chemical and genetic modifications of starch, enzymatic modifications of biopolymers, cereal starch digestibility and carbohydrate nutrition.


The lecture will cover the following topics:

  1. Starch Composition and Structure

    1. Composition–amylose, amylopectin, minor components

    2. Molecular structure

    3. Amylose – lipid complex

    4. Granular structure – general features, double helices, crystalline structure

  2. Functional properties

    1. Interactions with Other Components

    2. Methods to measure retrogradation

    3. Factors affecting retrogradation

    4. Methods to measure gelatinization

    5. Factors affecting gelatinization

    1. Gelatinization

    2. Retrogradation

    3. Gelation and Starch Gels

(School of Food and Biological Engineering)


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