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My Jiangsu University story

Jiangsu University: Jiangsu University (JU) is one of the premier universities in the peoples’ Republic of China. Situated in Zhenjiang Jiangsu Province, JU was established in 1902 and has undergone several transformation over the years. The university is well known for its academic excellence and both teachers and students have over the years won several prestigious awards. JU is poised to distinguish itself in the field of research to make an impact at both national and international level. The university has a central laboratory in addition to many others in all the schools intended for ground-breaking research. The library complex is a state-of-the art facility resourced with electronic and physical research materials for both students and teachers. Beside its academic accolade, the university has a very serene environment which foster intra and inter students relationships from diverse cultural background. The university has three standard recreational parks for sporting activities, a gymnasium with a swimming pool attached, volley and basketball courts among others. The artistic buildings decorated with laws and flowers makes the campus unique and friendly. A visit to JU is like a visit to “Eco-tourism facility”

Our Research Team (Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases): The school of Food Science and Biological Engineering is one of the many schools in JU devoted to undertake current and novel research in food and related disciplines. My research team is headed by Prof. Zhang Hongyin. Our research group focuses on the biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables with special emphasis on the molecular mechanisms involved in the biosynthesis and degradation of mycotoxins, Genomics, proteomics, enhancement of biocontrol agents (BCAs) among others. Through, the hardwork of Prof. Zhang our research team has signed a memorandum of understanding between our university and the World Food Preservation Center. Many organizations are partnering our research team with the aim to develop biocontrol products for the control of postharvest diseases of various fruits. Our research team has a grape vineyard project in which we conduct extensive research on various diseases of grapes and how to control them using BCAs. Our team has published several reputable articles (54 SCI), (10 EI), (8 patents) and won many national and international awards. Prof Zhang has won 7 Provincial Science and Technology Prizes, of which one is first prize, three second prize, and three third prize.

Work and life in JU: Generally, life in China is a place to be as Chinse people are loving and interested in socializing with foreign students. The school of food Science has many laboratories and offices in which both students and teachers come together to have classes and conduct research. The school is surrounded with nice pavements and rest places under trees on which one can go to relax. The school of Food science is undoubtedly one of the best schools in JU as it always leads in the area of SCI publications. This has made the school one of the top 10 Food Science schools in China over the years. Life in JU is particularly interesting due to the organizations of extra-curricular activities such as sporting activities, international culture day, celebrations of Chinese festivals, excursions to places of interest and many others. The annual sporting activities between Chinese and foreign students foster a bond of unity between Chinese and foreign students. Studying in JU would forever be an unforgettable moment in my life as a PhD student. I have acquired a lot of research and publication skills due to the exposure I have had. The use of Chop sticks (kuaizi) in eating will forever remain in me. Long Live JU. Long Live China.




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