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My Jiangsu University story

Jiangsu University (Jiāngsū Dàxué) located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province was established in 1902 as a unit of the Sanjiang Normal University and rechristened in 2001 via the combination of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers College. This noble University with enormous Chinese culture and heritage is home to over 1500 international students from over 75 countries pursuing English taught degrees and several non-degree courses for bachelor, master, and Ph.D. Jiangsu University (JU), a national research institution, is ranked 85th in the mainland China ranking and 1005th in the world in 2019. As one of the famous Universities in China, JU upholds educational and social standards that make its international students self-reliant, proficient and disciplined. JU has over 20 schools including the top ranked School of Food and Biological Engineering (SFBE) that undertake novel and thought-provoking research.
Our Research Team:The SFBE is a hub of several research teams with diverse research directions including both destructive and non-destructive research areas. Among the various teams, the Physical Processing of Agricultural Products group led by Prof. Ma Haile stands tall in terms of excellence and results. The focus of the team is novel physical processing of food using ultrasound, magnetic field, pulse-light and infrared.  Known for novelty and creativity, our research team has the history to back up its contributions to the development of the theory and technology of ultrasonic assisted enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation, extraction, drying and cleaning of agricultural food materials. The team has published over 200 SCI papers, 100 EI papers, accomplished more than 70 research projects, and 65 certified patents. With nearly 4,000 citations in total, published articles from our group have a prominent position in literature for their scientific content and addition to knowledge. International students have contributed substantially to these achievements and have not relented in their efforts to achieving much more.
Work and life in JU:Aside from the extended history, attractive sceneries and a lovely weather, JU is a place of academic and social opportunities. The SFBE Scholarship among other scholarships like the JU Presidential Scholarship and the Chinese Government Scholarship reward excellence and help cushion international students financially. This has motivated and contributed to the outstanding performance of international students resulting in high online publication of research papers in reputable SCI journals and exceptional deliveries at conferences. Annual activities like the International Cultural Festival, Joy in Jiangsu Talent Show and the JU Sports Galas among others help release or minimize academic stress. As a general rule of thumb, rice is an indispensable food in JU, whilst the weather sometimes makes it ideal for dumplings and noodles. Aside the palate friendly cuisines, some Chinese students have defied cultural and language barriers to promote mutual friendship and foster cordial relationships with international students. As a win-win situation with Chinese students, I exchanged the English Language for Mandarin and that has really improved my spoken Chinese although still not fluent. It will be a complete fallacy if I say the PhD journey was entirely smooth though I will not want to cry wolf when there is none. There were certainly gains and losses but the positives outnumbered the negatives. I am grateful for what I now know which I did not know and those people I met who are now family and friends. I only have fond memories of JU, SFBE, the International students and the Chinese people.  “If you cannot beat them, join them”


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