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Name:Wenliang Li

Associate Professor

Address:Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, No.50 Zhongling Street, Nanjing, Jiangsu





Sep, 2002 – Jun, 2006, Nanjing Agricultural University, Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary medicine

Sep, 2006 – Jun, 2011, Nanjing Agricultural University, PhD. in Preventive Veterinary medicine

Professional Experience

Aug, 2014 – now , Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Associate professor

Aug, 2011 – Jul, 2014, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Assistant professor

Scientific Research Field

1.Diagnostic technology study, epidemiology study and vaccine development for animal infectious diseases (specially in small ruminants).

2.Pathogenesis study of important animal viruses.

3.Host-virus interaction.

Social academic post and honor


Teaching Courses


Published papers


1.Li Mao, Leilei Yang, Wenliang Li, Panhong Liang, Shaohua Zhang, Jizong Li, Min Sun, Wenwen Zhang, Liqun Wang, Chunyan Zhong, Maojun Liu, Jieyuan Jiang, Xuepeng Cai, Xuenong Luo*. Epidemiological investigation and phylogenetic analysis of caprine parainfluenza virus type 3 in sheep of China, Transboundary and emerging disease, 2019,


1. Jizong Li, Li Mao, Wenliang Li, Fei Hao, Chunyan Zhong, Xing Zhu, Xin Ji, Leilei Yang, Wenwen Zhang, Maojun Liu, Jieyuan Jiang. Analysis of microRNAs expression profiles in Madin-Darby Bovine Kidney cells infected with Caprine parainfluenza virus type 3. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2018, 8:93.


1. Wenliang Li*, Li Mao, Yongguo Cao, Bin Zhou, Leilei Yang, Linxiao Han, Fei Hao, Tao Lin,

Wenwen Zhang, Jieyuan Jiang*. Porcine Viperin protein inhibits the replication of classical swine fever virus (CSFV) in vitro. Virology Journal, 2017, 14:202.

2. Li Mao, Wenliang Li, Tianci Zhou, Leilei Yang, Fei Hao, Jizong Li, Wenwen Zhang, Xuenong Luo, Jieyuan Jiang*. Development of a blocking ELISA for Caprine parainfluenza virus type 3. Journal of Virological Methods 2017, 250: 59-65.


1. Wenliang Li, Fei Hao, Li Mao, Zhongyu Wang, Tianci Zhou, Jiawu Deng, Jizong Li, Wenwen Zhang, Leilei Yang, Yingjun Lv, Jieyuan Jiang.Pathogenicity and horizontal transmission studies of caprine parainfluenza virus type 3 JS2013 strain in goats. Virus Res. 2016, 223:80-7. 第一作者

2. Leilei Yang#, Wenliang Li#, Li Mao, Fei Hao, Zhongyu Wang, Wenwen Zhang, Jiawu Deng, Jieyuan Jiang. Analysis on the complete genome of a novel caprine parainfluenza virus 3. Infect Genet Evol, 2016 ,38:29-34.

3. Li Mao, Wenliang Li, Leilei Yang, Jianhui Wang, Suping Cheng, Yong Wei, Qiusheng Wang, Wenwen Zhang, Fei Hao, Yonglong Ding, Yinhua Sun, Jieyuan Jiang*. Primary surveys on molecular epidemiology of bovine viral diarrhea virus 1 infecting goats in Jiangsu province, China. BMC Vet Res, 2016, 12:181.

4. Jizong Li, Wenliang Li, Li Mao, Fei Hao, Leilei Yang, Wenwen Zhang, Jieyuan Jiang*.

Rapid detection of novel caprine parainfluenza virus type 3 (CPIV3) using a TaqMan-based RT-qPCR. J Virol Methods. 2016, 236:126-31.

5. Jieyuan Jiang, Wenliang Li. Molecular Detection of Animal Viral Pathogens, Chapter 24: Border disease virus. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, 2016.


1. Li Mao#, Wenliang Li#, Xia Liu, Fei Hao, Leilei Yang, Jiawu Denga, Wenwen Zhang, Jianzhong Wei, Jieyuan Jiang. Chinese border disease virus strain JSLS12-01 infects piglets and down-regulates the antibody responses of classical swine fever virus C strain vaccination. Vaccine, 2015, 33(32):3918-22.

2. Wenliang Li, Li Mao, Bin Zhou, Xia Liu, Leilei Yang, Wenwen Zhang, Jieyuan Jiang. The swine CD81 enhances E2-based DNA vaccination against classical swine fever. Vaccine, 2015, 33(30):3542-8.

3. Li Mao, Xia Liu, Wenliang Li, Leilei Yang, Wenwen Zhang, Jieyuan Jiang. Characterization of one sheep border disease virus in China. Virol J, 2015, 12:15.

4. Xiaomin Zhang, Jiao Jing, Wenliang Li, Ke Liu, Baojun Shi, Qianqian Xu, Zhiyong Ma, Bin Zhou*, Puyan Chen. Porcine Mx1 fused to HIV Tat protein transduction domain (PTD) inhibits classical swine fever virus infection in vitro and in vivo. BMC Vet Res, 2015, 11:264.


1. Wenliang Li#, Li Mao#, Suping Cheng, Qiusheng Wang, Jiachun Huang , Jiawu Deng , Zhongyu Wang, Wenwen Zhang, Leilei Yang, Fei Hao, Yonglong Ding, Yinhua Sun, Jianzhong Wei, Ping Jiang, Jieyuan Jiang. A novel parainfluenza virus type 3 (PIV3) identified from goat herds with respiratory diseases in eastern China. Vet Microbiol, 2014, 174(1-2): 100-6.


1. Wenliang Li, Li Mao, Leilei Yang, Bin Zhou, Jieyuan Jiang*. Development and partialvalidation of a recombinant E2-based indirect ELISA for detection of specific IgM antibody responses against classical swine fever virus. J Virol Methods, 2013, 191(1): 63-68.

2. Wenliang Li, Li Mao, Yongqian Zhao, Yinhua Sun, Kongwang He, Jieyuan Jiang*. Detection of border disease virus (BDV) in goat herds suffering diarrhea in eastern China. Virol J, 10: 80. 2013.

3. Wenliang Li, Xianwei Wang, Juan Bai, Tao Ma, Zhijun Li, Yufeng Li, Ping Jiang*. Construction and immunogenicity of recombinant porcine circovirus-like particles displaying somatostatin. Vet Microbiol, 163(1-2): 23-32. 2013.

Main Scientific Research Projects

1.National Key Research and Development Program of China,Novel diagnostic techniques study of important infectious diseases of ruminants, 2016YFD0500908,2016.6-2020.12.

2.Jiangsu Agriculture Science and Technology Innovation Fund, Innovation and application study for industrial chain of goat and sheep. CX(18)2003, 2018.6-2021.5.

3.Local standards, Diagnostic techniques for parainfluenza of goat and sheep, 24111801, 2018.06-2019.05.


1.A recombinant E2 protein and ELISA kit for IgM antibody detection of CSFV, ZL 201210013152.6

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

Number of postgraduates under supervision


Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.


Number of supervised undergraduates


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