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Name:Jiangfeng Song

Associate professor

Address:50# Zhongling Street, Nanjing, Jiangsu

Phone:+86 25 84391255

Fax:+86 25 84391570



September 2001-June 2005, Nanjing Agricultural University, Bioengineering, undergraduate

September 2005-June 2008, Nanjing normal University, Food Science, Master

September 2011-June 2014, Nanjing Agricultural University, Food Science, PhD

Professional Experience

March 2015-April 2016  North Carolina A&T State University, postdoc.

August 2008 — Institute of Agro-product Processing, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, associate professor

Scientific Research Fields

1. The changes of carotenoids and other functional components during processing and storage and the effects of structural interchanges on the quality and bio-utilization of fruits and vegetables;

2. Development of carotenoid degradation mechanism and control technology;

3. Effects of new physical modification and composite modification on the structure, function and bioavailability of carotenoids

Social academic post and honor

Social academic post: Food Chemistry, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, etc. international periodical reviewers

Honor: Jiangsu Province excellent Professional Master's degree thesis instructor (2017)

Teaching Courses

Published papers

Song, J., Wu, G., Liu, C., & Li, D.(2018). Effect of exogenous spermine on chilling injury and antioxidant defense system of immature vegetable soybean during cold storage. Journal of Food Science and Technology,55(10): 4297–4303. Jiangfeng Song, Xiaoping Wang, Dajing Li, Chunquan Liu, Qiuming Yang, Min Zhang. (2018).Effect of starch osmo-coating on carotenoids, colour and microstructure of dehydrated pumpkin slices. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 55(8), 3249-3256.

Song, J., Meng, L., Liu, C., Li, D., Zhang, M. (2018). Changes in color and carotenoids of sweet corn juice during high‐temperature heating. Cereal Chemistry, 95(3), 486-494.

Song, J., Chen, J., Li, D., Xiao, Y., & Liu, C. (2018). Thermal isomerization and degradation behaviours of carotenoids in simulated sweet corn juice. Food & Bioprocess Technology, 11(4), 836-844.

Song, J., Wei, Q., Wang, X., Li, D., Liu, C., & Zhang, M., et al. (2018). Degradation of carotenoids in dehydrated pumpkins as affected by different storage conditions. Food Research International, 107, 130-136.

Song, J., Yang, Q., Huang, W., Xiao, Y., Li, D., & Liu, C. (2018). Optimization of trans lutein from pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) peel by ultrasound-assisted extraction. Food & Bioproducts Processing, 107, 104-112.

Xiao, Y. D., Huang, W. Y., Li, D. J., Song, J. F., Liu, C. Q., Wei, Q. Y., ... & Yang, Q. M. (2018). Thermal degradation kinetics of all-trans and cis-carotenoids in a light-induced model system. Food Chemistry, 239, 360-368.

Huang, W. Y., Wu, H., Li, D. J., Song, J. F., Xiao, Y. D., Liu, C. Q., ... & Sui, Z. Q. (2018). Protective effects of blueberry anthocyanins against H2O2-induced oxidative injuries in human retinal pigment epithelial cells. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 66(7), 1638-1648.

Li, C. U. I., NIU, L. Y., LI, D. J., LIU, C. Q., LIU, Y. P., LIU, C. J., & SONG, J. F. (2018). Effects of different drying methods on quality, bacterial viability and storage stability of probiotic enriched apple snacks. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 17(1), 247-255.

Lagnika, C., Huang, J., Jiang, N., Li, D., Liu, C., Song, J., ... & Zhang, M. (2018). Ultrasound-assisted osmotic process on quality of microwave vacuum drying sweet potato. Drying Technology, 36(11), 1367-1379.

Song, J., Meng, L., Li, D., Qian, M., & Liu, C. (2017). Vacuum impregnation pretreatment with maltose syrup to improve the quality of frozen lotus root. International Journal of Refrigeration, 76, 261-270.

Song, J., Wang, X., Li, D., Meng, L., & Liu, C. (2017). Degradation of carotenoids in pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima L.) slices as influenced by microwave vacuum drying. International Journal of Food Properties, 20(7), 1479-1487.

Song, J., Wang, X., Li, D., & Liu, C. (2017). Degradation kinetics of carotenoids and visual colour in pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima L.) slices during microwave-vacuum drying. International Journal of Food Properties, 20(sup1), S632-S643.

Zhang, Z., Niu, L., Li, D., Liu, C., Ma, R., Song, J., & Zhao, J. (2017). Low intensity ultrasound as a pretreatment to drying of daylilies: Impact on enzyme inactivation, color changes and nutrition quality parameters. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 36, 50-58.

Song, J., Liu, C., Li, D., & Gu, Z. (2016). Postharvest changes in physicochemical characteristics and free amino acids content of immature vegetable soya bean (Glycine max L.) grains. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 51(2), 461-469.

Song, J., Li, D., Liu, N., Liu, C., He, M., & Zhang, Y. (2016). Carotenoid composition and changes in sweet and field corn (Zea mays) during kernel development. Cereal Chemistry, 93(4), 409-413.

Song, J., Li, D., He, M., Chen, J., & Liu, C. (2016). Comparison of carotenoid composition in immature and mature grains of corn (Zea Mays L.) varieties. International Journal of Food Properties, 19(2), 351-358.

Meng, L. L., Song, J. F., Wen, J., Zhang, J., & Wei, J. H. (2016). Effects of drought stress on fluorescence characteristics of photosystem II in leaves of Plectranthus scutellarioides. Photosynthetica, 54(3), 414-421.

Song, J. F., Li, D. J., Pang, H. L., & Liu, C. Q. (2015). Effect of ultrasonic waves on the stability of all-trans lutein and its degradation kinetics. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 27, 602-608.

Song, J., Wang, Y., Liu, C., & Li, D. (2015). Effect of exogenous spermine on quality and sucrose metabolism of vegetable soya bean (Glycine max L.) during cold storage. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 50(7), 1697-1703.

Song, J. F., Liu, C. Q., Jiang, X. Q., & Li, D. J. (2015). Quality Evaluation of Vacuum Microwave‐Dried Immature Vegetable Soybean (Glycine Max [L.] Merr.). Journal of Food Quality, 38(5), 337-346.

Li, D. J., Song, J. F., & Liu, C. Q. (2015). Stereoisomers identification and storage stability of microencapsulated marigold lutein. International Journal of Food Properties, 18(1), 178-185.

Li, D. J., Song, J. F., Xu, A. Q., & Liu, C. Q. (2014). Optimization of the ultrasound-assisted synthesis of lutein disuccinate using uniform design. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 21(1), 98-103.

Li, D. J., Song, J. F., & Liu, C. Q. (2014). Kinetic stability of lutein in freeze-dried sweet corn powder stored under different conditions. Food Science and Technology Research, 20(1), 65-70.

Song, J., Liu, C., Li, D., & Gu, Z. (2013). Evaluation of sugar, free amino acid, and organic acid compositions of different varieties of vegetable soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr). Industrial Crops and Products, 50, 743-749.

Song, J., Liu, C., Li, D., & Meng, L. (2013). Effect of Cooking Methods on Total Phenolic and Carotenoid Amounts and DPPH Radical Scavenging Activity of Fresh and Frozen Sweet Corn (Zea mays) Kernels. Czech Journal of Food Science, 31(6), 607-612.IF0.714

Main Scientific Research Projects

Key Projects of Jiangsu Province's Key R&D Plans: Creation, Evaluation and Application for Nutritional and Healthy Foods Rich in Lutein and Other Carotenoids

Subtopics of the Agricultural Science and Technology Self-Innovation System of Jiangsu Province: Key Technology Innovation and Integrated Application of Export Quick-frozen Vegetable Industrial Chain

Jiangsu Province Policy Guidance Program Project: Key Technology Research and Industrialization of Quick-frozen Soybean Vegetables

National Natural Science Foundation Project: Metabolomics Method to Explore the Mechanism of Soybean Quality Change for Low-temperature Cuisine

Subtopics of key R&D projects in Jiangsu Province: Comprehensive utilization of non-commodity fruits such as peaches and strawberries and research on product development


1. Method for extracting refined cordycepin and polysaccharide from Cordyceps mititaris- Application Number: 200710122409.0, CN 101124988 A

2. Method for supercritical CO2 extraction of flavonoid from Cordyceps mititaris - Application Number: 200610097844.8, CN 1951931 A

3. Method for producing puffing sweet potato slice and products produced thereby - Application Number: 200810243196.1, CN101427757 B

4. Method for preparation of high content of trans-lutein crystals from marigold - Application Number: 200910232358.6

5. Production method of lotus root and sweet corn powder compound beverage and its products- Application Number: 201110366776.1

6. Method for processing high quality frozen lotus root slices - Application Number: 201410219482.X

7. Dried soybean quality evaluation model and its construction method- Application Number: 201410219483.4

8. Preparation method of pickled cabbage from sweet potato leaves and stems and its products - Application Number: 200910029872.X

9. Process for producing green soybean crisps and its products - Application Number: 200910264828.7

10. Sweet corn and red jujube compound puree and its production method - Application Number: 201010197970.7

11. A sweet corn beverage with high-content lutein and preparation method thereof - Application Number: 201010520413.4, CN102008108B

12. A process for producing germinated faba bean crisps - Application Number: 201010602016.1

13. Method for ultrasonic assisted synthesis of lutein disuccinate - Application Number: 201310034353.9

14. Method for evaluating the quality of fresh soybean vegetable seeds by 1H NMR - Application Number: 201310100876.9

15. Storage method of fresh vegetable soybean pods - Application Number: 201310554518.5

16. Flavor compound sweet corn beverage and preparation method thereof - Application Number: 200910184050.9

17. Preparation method of antioxidative extracts from sweet potato leaf - Application Number: 200910232357.1

18. Method for the production of sweet potato leaf compound health tea- Application Number: 200910234926.6

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

1. Key Technology Innovation and Application of Quality and Efficiency in Export Vegetable Preservation Processing, JAAS (Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences) Science and Technology Second Prize (2018, Number one)

2. Innovation and Application of Fruit and Vegetable Leisure Food Combined Drying Technology, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Second Prize (2017, Number 5)

Number of postgraduates under supervision


Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.


Number of supervised undergraduates

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