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Name:Li Chunyang


Address:Zhongling Street 50,Nanjing







1. July 1985-July 1989, Heilongjiang Business College, Bachelor's Degree in Food Engineering.            

2. September 1989-July 1992, Heilongjiang Business College, Master's Degree in Food Engineering.            

3. March 2002-June 2004, MPA in Beijing University of Science and Technology.

4. September 2002-March 2006, Jiangnan University, Doctor's Degree in Food Science


Professional Experience

1. March 1992-July 2022, Deputy Director, Food Industry Office, Qinhuangdao Municipal Government, Hebei Province            

2. March 2006-present, researcher and postdoctoral tutor of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences            

3. March 2008-March 2009, Senior Visiting Scholar, Center for Plant Protein Research, University of Alberta, Canada

4. November 2015-November 2016, Senior Visiting Scholar, School of Agriculture and Food, University of Manitoba, Canada


Scientific Research Field

1. Isolation, Structural Identification and Biological Activity Evaluation of Nutritional and Functional Components in Agricultural Products            

2. Nutrition and Functional Food Development Based on Modern Processing Technology    3. Construction of polyphenol nano-delivery system and its digestion, absorption and bioavailability


Social academic post and honor

1. Standing Director of Science and Education Branch of China Light Industry Machinery Association            

2. Standing Director of Fruit and Vegetable Preservation and Processing Branch of China Food Packaging Machinery Association            

3. Experts on Evaluation of Major Science and Technology Projects in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong Provinces            

4. Master/Doctor Excellent Degree Thesis Evaluation Expert, Center for Degree and Graduate Education Development, Ministry of Education            

5. Visiting researcher, Yili Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang           

6. Ph.D. supervisor in Biochemistry, Covenant University, Nigeria            

7. Doctoral Tutor in Food Science and Nutrition, Thailand Agricultural University    8. Master supervisor in Food Science, School of Food Science, Jiangnan University    9. Master supervisor in Food Science, Nanjing Agricultural University            

10. Reviewers for journals such as Trends in Food Science & Technology, Food Chemistry, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Journal of Functional Foods, etc.


Teaching Courses


Published papers


1. Development of Nanocomplexes for Curcumin Vehiculization Using Ovalbumin and Sodium Alginate as Building Blocks: Improved Stability, Bioaccessibility, and Antioxidant Activity. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2019, 67(1): 379-390.


1. Preparation, characterization, antioxidant activity and protective effect against cellular oxidative stress of polysaccharide from Cynanchum auriculatum Royle exWight. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2018, 119: 1068–1076.

2. Germinated Brown Rice Attenuates Atherosclerosis and Vascular Inflammation in Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Knockout Mice. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2018, 66: 4512−4520.

3. Oluwole Oluwatoyin Bolanle, Odediran Olajumoke, Ibidapo Olubunmi Pheabean, Owolabi Samue, Chuyang Li, Garry Shen. Proximate Composition, Phytonutrients and Antioxidant Properties of Oven Dried and Vacuum Dried African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) Products. International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, 2017, 6 (6-1): 22-25.

4. Improved oxidative stability of fish oil emulsion by grafted ovalbumincatechin conjugates. Food Chemistry, 2018, 241: 60-69.


1. Polyphenol Profi les and Antioxidant Properties of Ethanol Extracts from Osmanthus Fragrans (Thunb.) Lour. Flowers. Polish Journal of Food Nutr. Sci., 2017, 67 (4): 317-325.

2. Innovation, practical benefits and prospects for the future development of automatic milking systems. Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering. 2017, 4(1): 37-47.

3. Early Detection of Aspergillus parasiticus Infection in Maize Kernels Using Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging and Multivariate Data Analysis. Applied Sciences-Basel. 2017, 7(1): 90-

4. Effects of high hydrostatic pressure and thermal processing on bioactive compounds, antioxidant activity, and volatile profile of mulberry juice. Food Science and Technology International. 2017, 23(2): 119-127.


1. Enzymatic Acylation of Anthocyanin Isolated from Black Rice with Methyl Aromatic Acid Ester as Donor: Stability of the Acylated Derivatives. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2016, 64 (5): 1137-1143.


1. Antioxidant and Tyrosinase inhibitory inhibitory properties inhibitory properties of aqueous ethanol extracts from monofloral bee pollen. Journal of APIC. Science. 2015, 59 (1): 119-128


1. Anti-Inflammatory Effect of the Blueberry Anthocyanins Malvidin-3-Glucoside and Malvidin-3-Galactoside in Endothelial Cells. Molecules 2014, 19(8): 12827-12841;

2. Assessment of pulsed electric fields induced cellular damage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Change in performance of mitochondria and cellular enzymes. LWT-Food Science and Technology, 2014, 58(1): 55-62

3. Effects of pulsed electric fields on cytomembrane lipids and intracellular nucleic acids of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Food Control, 2014, 39(5): 204-213.  

4. Inhibitory effect of Malvidin on TNF-alpha-induced inflammatory response in endothelial cells. European Journal of Pharmacology, 2014, 723(1): 67-72.

5. Chemical constituents from the fruiting bodies of Xylaria euglossa Fr. and its chemotaxonomic study. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 2014, 54, 157–159.


1. Review: Pulsed Electric Fields Processing of Protein-Based Foods. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 2013, 7 (1):114-125.

2. Composition of Polyphenols and Antioxidant Activity of Rabbiteye Blueberry (Vaccinium ashei) in Nanjing. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2013, 61 (3): 523-531.

3. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of Different Varieties of Strawberry and the Antioxidant Stability in Storage. Molecules, 2013, 18(2): 1528-1539.


1. Profile and distribution of soluble and insoluble phenolics in Chinese rapeseed (Brassica napus). Food Chemistry, 2012,135(2): 616-622.

2. Survey of antioxidant capacity and phenolic composition of blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry in Nanjing. Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE B, 2012, 13(2): 94-102.


1. Antioxidant Activity of Peanut Flour Fermented with Lactic Acid Bacteria. Journal of Food Biochemistry, 2011, 35(5):1514-1521.


Main Scientific Research Projects

1. Mechanisms of matrix and interface regulation of curcumin intestinal release in nanostructured lipid carriers, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31801555) 250,000, 2018          

2. Technology Integration and Product Development of Fig High Value Processing, North Jiangsu Science and Technology Special Project of Jiangsu Province Policy Guidance Program 2017 (No. SZ-YC2017029) 500,000, 2018

3. Breeding of Faba Bean Varieties Rich in Phenolic Substances and Development of Nutritional Active Food in Qinghai Province. Special Scientific and Technological Cooperation Project of Qinghai Science and Technology Program in 2017 (No. 2017-HZ-816) 500,000    4. Construction of ovalbumin dextran nanogel anthocyanin delivery system and its absorption in vivo. Postdoctoral innovation plan for China in 2017 (BX201700101) 600,000    5. Matrix and Interface Regulation of Curcumin Intestinal Release in Nanostructured Lipid Carriers, 2018 Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation Youth Fund (No. BK20180298) 200,000            

6. Technology Innovation and Integrated Application of Binhai Baishouwu Industrial Chain, Jiangsu Province's Independent Innovation Fund for Agricultural Science and Technology in 2017 (No. CX (17) 2014) 900,000



1. Production of edible oil with grape seed proanthocyanidin microemulsion, ZL200710023606.7                                                        2. A cooling oil circulating system device for extruder, ZL200720045171.1        

3. A fermentation method for producing flavored chestnut kernels, ZL2010017647.7      4. A production method of high unsaturated rapeseed oil by enzymatic method, ZL201210220021.5                                                   

5. A production method of beer vinegar, ZL201410001242.2            

6. A method for producing low-value fish sausage by fermentation of mixed strains, ZL201110348923.2            

7. A Natural Active Chrysanthemum Brain Drinks Production Method, ZL 201310616129.0    A production method of germinated brown rice beverage, ZL 201410518041.X          8. A method for producing tomato juice beverage by enzymatic method, ZL 201410001241.8  9. A production method of instant nutritious purple potato beverage powder, ZL 201410183755.X            

10. A production method of tomato vinegar beverage, ZL 201410108287.X


Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

1. Key technology and industrialization of high-quality fruit and vegetable juice production. Second prize of Xuzhou Science and Technology Award in 2015. Certificate number: 2015210R1

2. Key technologies of deep processing and industrialization development of low-value fish. Third prize of Nanjing Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015. Certificate number: 201521231

3. Key Technologies and Industrialization Development of Strawberry Deep Processing, Third Prize of Nanjing Science and Technology Progress Award in 2014, Certificate number: 201414010121

4. Industrialization of Key Technologies of Purple Heart Sweet Potato Deep Processing, Leading Science and Technology Entrepreneurs in Nanjing in 2012


Number of postgraduates under supervision

9 postgraduate students and two Ph.D. candidates


Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.

30 postgraduates


Number of supervised undergraduates



The above information updated


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