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Name:Wu Qi-fei

Associate research fellow

Address:School of Food & Biological Engineering,A106





M.S.1998-2001. Jiangsu University, China, Major: Engineering of agricultural product processing and storage.  

B.S.1991-1995, Nanjing University of Chemical Technology, China, Major: Chemical equipment and machin.

Professional Experience

2007-present  Associate research fellow, School of Food & Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University

Scientific Research Field

1. Study on scale-up and fermentation Technology of Energy-saving Bioreacto.

2. Research and development of biological separation and extraction equipment.

3. High value processing and Biological Comprehensive Utilization of Agricultural products

Social academic post and honor

Teaching Courses

1. Fermentation equipment.

2. fermentation engineering and equipment

Published papers

[1] Wu Qi-fei, Shi Jia-chen, Sun Jun, et. (2018). Present situation and trend of theoretical research on subcritical fluid extraction of agricultural products. Food and Machinery 2018 (7), 164 / 168

[2] Shi Jia-chen, Wu Qifei, Sun Jun, et. (2018). Present situation and development trend of sub-critical fluid extraction equipment for agricultural products. Food and machine 2018 (11), 208 / 211

[3] Jiang Qiwei, Wu Qifei, Xu Bin, Xu Wenmei, Liu Shuyi. Study on formulation and texture evaluation of high content resistant starch noodle. Food research and development. 2018 vol. 39, No. 2. P143 - 148

[4] Han,J. H., Wu, Q. F., Xu, B., Zhou, S. L., Ding, F. (2016). Quality characteristics of soybean germ oil obtained by innovative subcritical butane experimental equipment. Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods, 8(3), 369-377.

[5] Wu Qifei, Wang Likun, Chen Zhongwei Xu Bin. (2016) Effects of microwave frequency, moisture content and inorganic salts on the dielectric properties of wheat germ. Journal of Agricultural Machinery (5), 225- 230.

[6] Han Jihua, Wu Qifei, Xu Bin, Xue Dingping. (2016) Study on adsorption mechanism of yellow pigment from corn prion by activated carbon. Chinese Journal of Grain and Oil, 31 (10), 98-107.

[7] Wu Qifei, Cui Fengjie, Yan Guiqiang, Guo Wenjie. Study on degradation of wheat gluten protein by acid protease. Food Science and Technology, 2008 (01). P105 – 108.

[8] Wu Qifei, Huang Daming, Guan Guoqiang, hericium transforming ginkgo biloba extract into (EGB) condition study on Food and fermentation Industry, 2006 (9) P160-163.

[9] Wu Qifei, Huang Daming, Lu Jianming, Guan Guoqiang. Design and development of solid-state fermentation protein feed production line. Food and fermentation Industry, 2003 Vol.29 No.9.

Main Scientific Research Projects

1. Study on Multi-scale Amplification of Energy-saving Bioreacto.

2. Regulation Mechanism of Microwave Synergistic Inorganic Salts on membrane-bound Lipase and its Interfacial activity in Wheat Germ.

3. Design of fermentation system of industrialized microbial strain


Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

Number of postgraduates under supervision

Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.

Number of supervised undergraduates


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