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Name:Yuan Liu

Associate professor

Address:Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science, Nanjing 210014, China





Sep 1998-Jul 2002 Anhui University of Technology and Science, BSc in Biochemistry Engineering

Sep 2002- Jul 2005  Nanjing Normal University, MSc in Microbiology

Sep 2012- Dec 2018  Nanjing Agricultural University, PhD in Entomology

Professional Experience

Sep 2005-present  Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Research Fellow

Sep 2009-May 2010  University of Turku (Finland), Visiting scholar  

Scientific Research Field

  Detection and biological control technology for Agro-Food contaminants. (1) Establishment of immunoassays for pesticide, veterinary drugs and mycotoxins. New antibodies production methods and immunological methods. (2) Molecular mimicry of Bt Cry toxin by anti-idiotypic antibodies.

Social academic post and honor

1.June 2016- Master Tutor of Food Engineering College of Anhui University of Science and Technology.

2.Dec 2018- Master Tutor of School of Food and Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University.

Teaching Courses


Published papers

1.Yuan Liu, Manman Lin, Jiaxin Wu, et al. Generation of panels of anti-idiotypic single-chain variable fragments mimicking Cry2Aa toxin using the chain shuffling technique. Food and Agricultural Immunology, 2018, 29(1):735-743.

2.Yuan Liu, Manman Lin, Xifeng Zhang, et al. Development of competitive ELISA for the detection of bovine serum albumin using single-chain variable fragments. Analytical Biochemistry, 2017, 525, 89-91.

3.Yuan Liu, Aihua Wu, Jing Hu, et al, Detection of 3-phenoxybenzoic acid in river water with a colloidal gold-based lateral flow immunoassay. Analytical Biochemistry, 2015,483, 7-11.

4.Yuan Liu, Ewen E.D. Todd, Qiang Zhang, et al. Recent developments in the detection of melamine. Journal of Zhejiang University Science B,2012, 1862-1783.

5.Liu Yuan, Zhang Cun-zhen, Yu Xiang-yang, et al. Establishment and evaluation of immunoassay for zeranol in bovine urine. Journal of Zhejiang University Science B, 2007, 8(12)900-905.

6.Liu Yuan, Liu Min, Zhang Xiao, et al. Construction of the anti-idiotypic single-chain variable fragment library of Cry2A toxin. Jiangsu J. of Agri. Sci.. 2018,34(5):1174-1182. (in Chinese)

7.Liu Yuan, Lin Manman, Zhang Xiao, et al. Applications of mutagenesis methods on affinity maturation of antibodies in vitro. Journal of Zhejiang University (Agric. & Life Sci.), 2016,42(1):1-7. (in Chinese)

8.Liu Yuan, Wen Mengtang, Zhang Xiao, et al. Development of specific monoclonal antibodies and colloidal gold test strips for zeranol. Journal of Nuclear Agricutural Science. 2015, 29 (6): 1110-1107. (in Chinese)

9.Liu Yuan, Tuomas Hovinien, Liu Xian-jin, et al. Screening and identification of single-chain antibodies against microcystin-LR by magnetic beads and time resolved fluorescence immunoassay. Sientia Agricultura Sinica. 2012, 45(2): 330-336. (in Chinese)

10.Liu Yuan, Sun Li-rong, Fang Dunhuang, et al. Establishment of a semi-quantitative ELISA detection method for lambda-cyhalothrin residue in tobacco. Jiangsu J. of Agri. Sci..2010, 26(2):1-5. (in Chinese)

11.Liu Yuan, Liang Ying, He jiang, et al. Review on application of anti-idiotype antibodies in immunoassay for pesticides and mycotoxins. Zhejiang J. of Agri. Sci. 2010, 23 (3): 398-402 (in Chinese)

12.Liu Yuan, Yu Xiang-yang,Liang Ying,et al. Recent advances in development of broad specificity antibodies for pesticides. Jiangsu J. of Agri. Sci.2009, 25(2):428-432. (in Chinese)

13.Liu Yuan, Liu Xian-jin, Yu Xiang-yang, et al. Synthesis of enzyme labeled antigens and establishment of direct competitive ELISA and indirect competitive ELISA methods for zeranol. Journal of Analytical Science, 2008(2):135-138. (in Chinese)

14.Liu Yuan, Liu Xian-jin, Yu Xiang-yang, et al. Synthesis of artificial antigen and preparation of polyclonal antibodies against zeranol. Journal of Analytical Science, 2006, 22:1-4. (in Chinese)

15.Liu Yuan, Liu Xian-jin, Yu Xiang-yang, et al. Hapten design and antibodies development of milbemycin oxime. Chinese Journal of Pesticide Science, 2005, 7(3):285-288. (in Chinese)

16.Liu Yuan, Chen Yu-ru, Chen Zhi-fang, et al. Study on effect of boletus sp. liquid fermentation for polysaccharides preparation. Chinese Journal of Bioprocesss Engineering, 2004, 2:44-46. (in Chinese)

Main Scientific Research Projects

1.Preparation of nanobodies against microcystins and development of its rapid detection products, BE2017706, Jiangsu Social Development Project, 2017.6-2020.6 chaired

2.Preparation of anti-idiotypic antibody mimiking Bt Cry2A toxin, BK20181247, sponsored by Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, 2018.7-2021.6 chaired

3.Affinity maturation and trace detection technology for single chain variable fragments of two pesticides, 31201535, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012-2015, chaired.

4.Pesticide residues detection technology based on biological recognition molecule and microfluidic paper chip, BE2012750, Jiangsu Social Development Project, 2012-2015, chaired.

5.Affinity maturation and trace detection technology for single chain variable fragments  for pesticides, CX (12) 5042, Jiangsu Agricultural Independent Innovation Fund, 2012-2015, chaired


1.Liu Yuan, Liu Xianjin, Liang Ying, Zhang Cunzheng, Wang Yun, Wenshuang. Screening methods and identification of single-chain antibodies against microcystin LR. Patent No. ZL 2010156172.X:

2.Liu Yuan, Liu Xianjin, Zhang Xiao and Wang Donglan. Method for the detection of dimethachlon residues in tobacco by indirect competitive time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay system. Patent No. ZL 201210011642.2

3.Liu Yuan, Hu Jing, Lin Manman, Wen Mengtang, Liu Xianjin. A kind of immunocolloidal gold test paper for 3-phenoxybenzoic acid. Patent No. ZL201420700251.X

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

1.Research and application of ELISA in pesticide residue technology. In 2009, China Tobacco Corporation Yunnan Province Company Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress (4th Completor).

2.Research, development and demonstration of rapid detection and monitoring technology for agricultural product safety. In 2014, Nanjing Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress (4th Completor).

3.Rapid detection technology and products for the detection of pesticides and heavy metals in Agro-food and environment. 2016, First Prize of Science Research Class, Chinese Society of Plant Protection (9th Completor).

4.Establishment and application of rapid immunoassay technology for pesticides and heavy metals in agricultural products. 2017, China Agricultural Science and Technology Shennong Award First Prize for Scientific Research Achievements (11th Completor).

Number of postgraduates under supervision


Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.


Number of supervised undergraduates


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Mar.28, 2019

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