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Name:Zhao Yansheng
Lecture;Master supervisor

Address:School of Food and Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, PR China


Shandong Normal University, Food Science and Technology, B.S. 2006
Jiangsu University, Food Science, M.S. 2009
Jiangsu University, Food Science, Ph.D. 2012

Professional Experience
Jiangsu University, Lecturer, 2012-
Zhenjiang Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau, China, Postdoctor, 2015-
Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, Joint training M. S. and Ph. D. 2007-2012

Scientific Research Field
Food Nutrition and Safety

Teaching Courses
Food Safety Analysis; Instrumental Analysis

Published papers
1. Zhao Yansheng, Wang Qiyuan, Wu Fei, XiaoXiang. Optimization of fermentation technology of barley yoghurt by response surface methodology and the quality analysis. China Dairy Industry 2017, 45(10): 42-46.
2. Wu Fei, Zhao Yansheng, XiaoXiang, Dong Ying. Research on the critical control points of organic integrity in the process of organic yogurt. China Dairy Industry 2016, 07: 52-57.
3. Zhao Yansheng, Xiao Xiang, Zhou Xinghua, Su Ping, Dong Ying. Influence of Cryoprotectants on the Metabolic Pathways of Lactobacillus plantarum. Modern Food Science and Technology 2016, 32(8):103-108.
4. Newlove A. Afoakwah, Ying Dong, Yansheng Zhao, Zhiyu Xiong, John Owusu, Yun Wang, Jiayan Zhang. Characterization of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) powder and its application in emulsion-type sausage. LWT - Food Science and Technology 2015, 64: 74-81.
5. Xing Hua Zhou, Ying Dong, Yan Sheng Zhao, Xiang Xiao, Yun Wang, Yuan Qing He, Qiao Quan Liu. A three generation reproduction study with Sprague–Dawley rats consuming high-amylose transgenic rice. Food and Chemical Toxicology 2014, 74: 20-27.
6. Li Sun, Yansheng Zhao, Xuemei Nie, Yun Ling, Xiaogang Chu, Dejun Shang, Ying Dong. Stable isotope dilution analysis of gibberellin residues in tomato paste by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Chem. Res. Chinese Universities. 2012, 28(5): 797-801.
7. Zhao Yansheng, Dong Ying, Wang Zijun, Feng Feng, Chu Xiaogang. Adulteration and quality analysis of olive oil by near-infrared Spectrometry and gas chromatography-mass Spectrometry. Modern Scientific Instruments 2012, 5: 105-108.
8. Zhao Yansheng, Dong Ying, Zhang Feng, Yang Minli, Feng Feng, Chu Xiaogang. A study on system of sequential extraction and cleaning of 46 forbidden and limited synthetic pigments in food stuff. Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2012, 2, 40(2): 249~256.
9. Zhao Yansheng, Yang Minli, Zhang Feng, Feng Feng, Chu Xiaogang, Dong Ying. Screening method for 29 forbidden or limited synthetic pigments in cheese by liquid chromatography/quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Chinese Journal of Chromatography 2011(07): 631~636.
10. Zhao Yansheng, Chu Xiaogang, Wang Han, Zhang Feng, Yang Minli, Dong Ying. Determination of Sudan dyes in margarine by LC/Q-TOF. Journal of Food Safety and Quality 2011(02): 59~66.
11. Feng Feng, Yansheng Zhao, Wei Yong, Li Sun, Guibin Jiang, Xiaogang Chu. Highly sensitive and accurate screening of 40 dyes in soft drinks by liquid chromatography–electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography B, 2011(879): 1813~1818.
12. Feng Zhang, Xiaogang Chu, Li Sun, Yansheng Zhao, et, al. Determination of trace food-derived hazardous compounds in Chinese cooked foods using solid-phase extraction and gas chromatography coupled to triple quadrupole mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography A. 2008, (1209): 220~229.

Main Scientific Research Projects
1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (31701605)
2. Postdoctoral Foundation of Jiangsu Province (1601094B)
3. National Natural Science Foundation of China (31701598)
4. National Natural Science Foundation of China (31501569)
5. National Natural Science Foundation of China (31701530)
6. Support Project of China (2014BAK19B03)


Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

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