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Name:Haile Ma
Professor; PhD supervisor
Address:School of Food & Biological Engineering, Room301



Ph.D. 1996, Agri-Product Processing & Preservation Eng.,JiangsuUniv.of Sci. & Tech.
M.S. 1989, Agri-Product processingEng., Northwestern Agri. Univ., China
B.S. 1985, Agricultural Mechanization, Northwestern Agri.Univ.,China
Postdoctory.1997-1999, Food Science & Technology,Jiangnan Univ.,China


Professional Experience
1985-1993, lecturer, Agri.Eng., Northwestern Agri. Univ., China
1996-2001, associate professor, Jiangsu Univ.ofSci.&Tech.,China
2001-2003, professor, Jiangsu Univ.ofSci.&Tech.,China
2003- Present, professor, PhD supervisor,JiangsuUniv.,China
2005-2006, visiting scholar, UC Davis, USA
Now he has technical titles as follows:
1. Director,NationalR&DCenterfor Agro-processing Equipment (Jiangsu)
2. Director,JiangsuProvincialEng.Tech.ResearchCenterfor Biological Processing & Separation of Agri. Products.
3. Director,JiangsuProvincialEng.Tech.ResearchCenterfor Intelligent Manufacturing of Food
4. Director,JiangsuProvincial Key Lab. for Physical Processing of Agri. Products
5. Director,JiangsuProvincial Teaching Experimental Demonstration Center of Food & Bioengineering


Scientific Research Field
Prof. MA’s current research is focused on the physical processing of food, such as the Super- or sub-critical CO2 extraction & ultrasonic- assisted extraction of active ingredients in natural products, functional peptide preparation by ultrasonic assisted enzymatic, food sterilization by pulse magnetic field, & the development of above processing equipment.

Social academic post & honor
1. director, Chinese Institute of food science & technology
2. vice president, Food Machinery Branch of Chinese Institute of Food Science & Technology
3. vice president, Processing Machinery Branch of Agricultural Products of Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery
4. vice president, Processing & Storage Engineering Branch of Agricultural Products of Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering
5. st&ing director, storage & processing Branch of Agricultural products of Chinese society of Agronomy
6. st&ing director, Packaging & Food Engineering Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
7. member, Food Machinery St&ardization Technical Committee of China Machinery Industry
8. members, the Sub-committee of Agricultural Product Processing Equipment of the Agricultural Products Processing St&ardization Technical Committee, Ministry of Agriculture
9. member of the editorial board, International Journal of Agricultural & Biological Engineering (IJABE)
10. member of International Agriculture Engineering Journal (IAEJ)

Teaching Courses
Food Machinery & Equipment for undergraduate students
New Technology of Food Engineering for graduate students
Lectures for Research Methodology of Food Science for doctoral students

Published papers
More than 400 papers & 8 books have been published. 119 of them were collected into SCI or EI system. Selected Publications as follows:
1. Haile Ma*, Liurong Huang, Lei Peng, Zhenbin Wang, Qiaorong Yang, Pretreatment of garlic powder using sweep frequency ultrasound and single frequency countercurrent ultrasound: optimization and comparison for ACE inhibitory activities, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2015,23:109-115
2. Henan Zhang, Haile Ma*, Wan Liu, Juanjuan Pei, Zhenbin Wang, Huiji Zhou, Jingkun Yan*. Ultrasound enhanced production and antioxidant activity of polysaccharides from mycelial fermentation of Phellinus igniarius. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2014, 113(36):380-387
3. Lin Wang, Qiufang Liang, Zhenbin Wang, Junmin Xu, Yang Liu, Haile Ma*. Preparation and characterisation of type I and V collagens from the skin of Amur sturgeon (Acipenser schrenckii). Food Chemistry.2014,148:410–414
4. Lin Wang, Qiufang Liang, Tingting Chen, Zhenbin Wang, Junmin Xu, Haile Ma*. Characterization of collagen from the skin of Amur sturgeon (Acipenser schrenckii). Food Hydrocolloids.2014, 38:104–109
5. Bengang Wu, Zhongli Pan*, Wenjuan Qu, Bei Wang, Juan Wang, Haile Ma*. Effect of simultaneous infrared dry-blanching and dehydration on quality characteristics of carrot slices. LWT - Food Science and Technology.2014,57:90-98
6. Ronghai He, Haile Ma*, Heli Wang. Inactivation of E. coli by high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field with a change in the intracellular Ca2+ concentration. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications.2014,28(4) :459-469
7. Rosemond G. Dadzie, Haile Ma*, Ernest E. Abano, Wenjuan Qu, and Shuyun Mao. Optimization of Process Conditions for Production of Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitory Peptides from Vital Wheat Gluten using Response Surface Methodology. Food Science and Biotechnology.2014,22(6):1531-1537
8. Xiaofeng Ren, Haile Ma*, Shuyun Mao, Huiji Zhou. Effects of sweeping frequency ultrasound treatment on enzymatic preparations of ACE‑inhibitory peptides from zein. European Food Research and Technology.2014,238:435-442
9. John Owusu, Haile Ma*, Zhenbin Wang, Newlove Akowuah Afoakwah, Agnes Amissah. Volatile profiles of tomato wine before and after ageing. Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology.2014,8(02):129-142
10. L. Huang, B. Liu, H. Ma* and X. Zhang. Combined effect of ultrasound and enzymatic treatments on production of ACE inhibitory peptides from wheat germ protein. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation.2014,38:1632–1640
11. Bengang Wu, Haile Ma∗, Wenjuan Qu, Bei Wang, Xin Zhang, Peilan Wang, Juan Wang, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Zhongli Pan∗. Catalytic Infrared and Hot Air Dehydration of Carrot Slices. Journal of Food Process Engineering.2014,37(2):111-121

Main Scientific Research Projects
He has presided over more than 50 of research projects from the national 863 plan, the national science & technology support program, the National Natural Science Fund, public welfare industry technology, provincial research plan & other. Total funds is over ¥ 30,000,000.
10 main projects are as follows:
1. National 863 Plan: research & development of key technologies on preparation of protein with high bioavailability (2013AA100203), 2013-2017, ¥ 10,050,000
2. National 863 Plan: Preparation of Wheat Germ Peptide with Function of Reducing Blood Pressure Based on Coupling Technique of Ultrasonic Assisted Zymohydrolysis & Membrane Separation(2007AA10Z321), 2007-2010, Ministry of Science & Technology of the People’s Republic ofChina(MOSTChina), ¥ 700,000
3. A Branch of “Technology & Equipment of Food High Effective Separation” of Key Program of National 863 Plan: Technology Integration for Preparing Functional Peptide with High Purity”(2007AA100404), 2007.10-2010.10, MOSTChina, ¥ 250,000
4. A Branch of “Technology & Equipment of Food Non-thermal Processing” of Key Program of National 863 Plan: High Magnetic Equipment & Treatment Technique (2007AA100400), 2007.10-2010.10, MOSTChina, ¥ 200,000
5. National Natural Science Fund: Mechanism of food-borne pathogens apoptosis & biological window effect caused by high intensity pulsed magnetic field (31271966), 2013-2016, ¥ 880
6. National Natural Science Fund: Research on the mechanism to promote the enzymatic reaction of protein with sweeping frequency ultrasonic pretreatment & its control methodology (31071502), 2011-2013, ¥ 320,000
7. National Public Welfare Profession(Agriculture) Special Fund of Science & Technology: technology research & demonstration on grain storage facilities of The Yangtze River region et al.(201003077). The Ministry of Agriculture, PRC(MOA), 2010-2014, ¥900,000
8. National Public Welfare Profession(Agriculture) Special Fund of Science & Technology: technology research & demonstration on the comprehensive utilization of by-products from major grain processing(01303071), MOA, 2013-2017, ¥ 1,000,000
9. Jiangsu Provincial Special fund project on transformation of scientific & technological achievements: key technology on production of functional peptide from oil meal & development of products (BA2008100), Jiangsu Department of Science & Technology (JDST), 2008-2011, ¥ 7,000,000
10. Jiangsu Provincial industry-university-institute prospective research: development & application of dual-frequency sweeping-frequency ultrasonic assisted extraction/ enzymatic hydrolysis equipment(BY2013065-01), JDST, 2013-2016, ¥ 500,000

Applied for 81 invention patents, 37 of them have been authorized. 19 in authorized patents are about the preparation of protein & polypeptide.
Scientific Research Achievements & Awards
1. Development & Application Research on multi-mode series ultrasonic equipment of agricultural products processing, first prize of China machinery industry science & Technology Progressing, 2013
2. Research on the industrialization of supercritical CO2 extraction technology of propolis functional factors, fourth the China Technology Market Association of Jinqiao Award for outst&ing project award, 2009;
3. Supercritical CO2 extraction of effective components from propolis & evaluation of its function, second prize of Jiangsu provincial science & technology progressing, 2005
4. Experimental study on supercritical CO2 extraction & concentration of natural VE. 3rd prize of Jiangsu provincial science & technology progressing, 2003
5. Study on technology of Spirulina enzymolysis & its application, 3rd prize of Jiangsu provincial science & technology progressing, 2001
6. Supercritical CO2 extraction of effective components from the wheat germ & its utilization, 3rd prize of China machinery industry science & Technology Progressing, 1999

Number of postgraduates under supervision
15 masters & 10 Ph.D

Number of supervised masters & Ph.D.
80 masters & 17 Ph.D

Number of supervised undergraduates

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