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Name:Huang Da-Ming
Address:School of Food & Biological Engineering, Room 413
Phone:+86-511-88780172  +86139****2829


B.S., Jiangsu University, Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, 1981-1984 
Ph.D., Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, 2004-2007 
Professional Experience


1984- present: Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

Scientific Research Field 
(1) Processing and storage of agriculture products
(2) Biochemical reactor
(3) Bioconversion of agricultural products and comprehensive utilization 

Social academic post and honor 
Jiangsu province association of biotechnology, Managing director;
China Brewing, Editorial board member 
Teaching Courses 

(1) Bioconversion of agricultural products and comprehensive utilization
(2) New biochemical reactor
(3) New technology of solid state fermentation
(4) Fermentation engineering and equipment 
Published papers 

[1] Da-Ming Huang, Tian-Zhen Zhang, Feng-Jie Cui, Wen-Jing Sun, Li-Ming Zhao, Meng-Yi Yang, and Ya-JuanWang. Simultaneous Identification and Quantification of Canrenone and 11-α-Hydroxy-Canrenone by LC-MS and HPLC-UVD. Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology. 2011, 1-7. (IF=1.125)
[2] Da-Ming Huang, Xiang-Fei Li, Kang-Mei Zhao, Feng-Jie Cui, Lin Lin. Selective Lignin degradation of Corn stover by white rot fungi Ceriporiopsis subvermispora; 2011 International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering (RSETE 2011) (EI);
[3] Da-Ming Huang, Feng-Jie Cui, Yin Li, Zhi-Cai Zhang, Jie-Wen Zhao, Xiao-Ming Han, Xiang Xiao, Jing-Ya Qian, Qi-Fei Wu, Guo-Qiang Guan. Nutritional Requirements for the Mycelial Biomass and Exo-Polymer Production by Hericium erinaceus CZ-2.2007. Food Technology and Biotechnology, 45 (4): 389-395.
[4] Da-Ming Huang, Hai-ning Zhou, Chong Huang. CaO/α-Fe the Preparation of Hollow Fiber and the Research of Catalytic Synthesis of Biodiesel. Agricultural Machinery, 2011, 14: 89-93.
[5] Da-Ming Huang, Xin Li, Chong Huang, Zhi-Cai Zhang, Wen-Jing Sun. Optimizing Components of Ganoderma applanatum's Medium by Liquid Cultured, EDIBLE FUNGI OF CHINA, 2011, 30 (3):28-31.
[6] Da-Ming Huang, Lin Zhang, Guo-Qiang Guan, Feng-Jie Cui, Zhi-Cai Zhang, Qin Liu, Ji-You Zhao, Yuan Zhong. Production of 2-Keto-D-Gluconic Acid Using Immobilized Pseudomonas fluorescens AR4. Food Science, 2010, 31(21): 258-261.
[7] Da-Ming Huang, Ji-You Zhao, Lin Zhang, Qin Liu, Yuan Zhong. Optimization of fermentation liquid mediun for ganoderma acid of Ganoderma lucidum, CHINA BREWING, 2010 (4 ):89-91.
[8] Da-Ming Huang, Hai-Long Li, Zhi-Cai Zhang. Safety test of Coprinus comatus broth, Food Science and Technology, 2009, 34: 107-110.
[9] Da-Ming Huang, Gui-Qiang Yang, Feng-Jie Cui, Wen-Jie Guo, Zhi-Cai Zhang, Zhou-Yang Liu, Xiang Xiao, Jing-Ya Qian. Optimization on the enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat gluten by Alcalase. Food Science and Technology, 2009, 34: 154-156.
[10] Da-Ming Huang, Hai-Long Li, Zhi-Cai Zhang, Feng-Jie Cui. A Culture Medium for Coprinus comatus Optimized for Maximal Non-enzymatic Glycation-Inhibiting Activity. ACTA EDULIS FUNGI, 2008. 15( 2) : 51~ 56.
[11] Da-Ming Huang, Yong Yang, Zhi-Cai Zhang. Changes of aroma components of Zhenjiang savory vinegar during differern fermentation periods and aging periods. CHINA BREWING, 2008 , 9: 56-60.
[12] Da-Ming Huang, Zhi-Cai Zhang, Jing-Ya Qian, Xiang Xiao, Feng-Jie Cui. Optimization of the Culture Conditions of the Biotransformation of Ginkgo biloba L. Extract (EGB) by Hericium Erinaceus. Food Science and Technology, 2007, 28(10): 402-404.
[13] Da-Ming Huang, Zhi-Cai Zhang, Bin-Lian, Feng-Jie Cui, Jie-Wen Zhao. Inhibitory Effects of Alcohol Extracts from 22 Specie of Herbs on Nonenzymatic glycosylation in vitro. Food Science and Technology, 2007, 28(05): 41-44.

Main Scientific Research Projects 
[1]. Medicinal fungi biological activity of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) will increase its fall blood sugar. Business cooperation, The ministry of education appraisal
[2]. Straw multi-strain synergistic fermentation in the production of protein feed basic research. Natural science fund project in Jiangsu Province, Provincial department of acceptance
[3]. Ginkgo bioconversion of fall blood sugar of active material research. Zhenjiang production project, Provincial department to identify
[4]. Solid-state fermentation system research. Zhenjiang production project, Provincial department to identify
[5]. Solid-state fermentation system and research of biological feed fermentation process. Research project in colleges and universities in Jiangsu province department of education
[6]. Solid state fermentation bioreactor research of intelligent control system. Business cooperation, acceptance
[7]. Annual output of 1000 tons of cloud leaf toxin biological pesticide construction engineering "feasibility study". Business cooperation, acceptance
[8]. YC shaking table control system. Business cooperation, acceptance
[9]. Fuel cell car powertrain controller development. National "863", Shanghai Jiaotong University project, acceptance
[10]. Straw biological transformation in the production of high protein product research. Zhenjiang science research project, acceptance
[11]. Large-scale production of TanZiPing edible capsule. National spark plan project, acceptance
[12]. Medicinal fungi polysaccharide mulberry yellow complex structure characteristics and its antitumor mechanism research. Natural science foundation of jiangsu province department of education, acceptance
[13]. The study of pharmaceutical intermediates 11- alpha hydroxy canrenone biological preparation key technology. Zhenjiang Industrial Technology Support Project , In the research 
1. Phellinus linteus mycelia active glycoprotein and its use and preparing method (Patent No.: ZL200710132671.3)
2. Coprinus comatus liquid conversion mulberry leaf fermentation liquid preparation method and application thereof (Patent No.:200810020889.4)
3. 2- keto -D- gluconic acid semi continuous fermentation process(Patent No.: ZL200810107055.7)
4. A membrane bioreactor for 2- keto -D- gluconic acid fermentation (Patent No.: ZL200820199246.6)
5. A cyclotron solid-state bioreactor (Patent No.:201320716126.X)
6. A novel fermentation tank (Patent No.: 201320716273.7)
7. Using the method of fermentation liquid containing hydroxylaseproduction 11 alpha hydroxy canrenone (Patent No.:ZL201410260970)

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards 
The second prize in Jiangxi province science and Technology Progress Award in 2014, ranking the sixth.
The first prize in the national business progress prize in science and technology, in 2011, ranking the third.
Jiangxi patent award, in 2011, ranking the seventh.
China light industry federation, science and technology award, in 2011, ranking the first.
The second prize of scientific progress of machinery industry, ranking the eighth. 
Number of postgraduates under supervision  

Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.  
Number of supervised undergraduates
More than 100 
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Dec. 2, 2017

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