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Name:Zhang Zhi-Cai
Professor,M.Sc & PhD.supervisor

Address:School of Food and Biological Engineering,Jiangsu University

Education: Ph.D


Professional Experience
1988.7-1989.8 Jiangsu Huaiyin Food Industry School;
1989.9-1995.6 Institute of Jiangsu Huaiyin Agriculture science;
1995.6-2000.6 Jiangsu Huaiyin pharmaceutical factory;
2000.6-2002.8 Jiangsu Taixin Tongyuantang bioengeering plant;
2006.6- present: Jiangsu University


Scientific Research Field:
Biofermentation: involved in the fungi, isolation and purify  and biofunction of active components;
Bioenergy: Biotransformation of stalk
Fermentation equipment


Social academic post and honor
A member of the Chinese society of agricultural machinery and Committee of agricultural and sideline products processing machinery committee; "Pharmaceutical technology" magazine editorial committee


Teaching Courses
Fermentation engineering and Machinery


Published papers
1. Effect of FeSO4 treatment on glucose metabolism in diabetic rats. Biometals 2008, 28(11): 685-691
2. Optimization of nutrition of constitutent for xylanase production by Rhizopus stolonifer under state fermentation on corncob. Bioresources 2013,8(2): 2018~2032
3. Optimization of the nutrition for biodegradation of vinasse by Aspergillus oryzae using response surface methodology. Water Science & Technology. 2013, 67(4): 772~80 |
4. Application of statistical analysis for the optimization for mycelia growth and polysaccharide production by Tremella aurantialba. Food technology and biotechnology2007, 45(1): 45~50
5. Compare Activities on Regulating Lipid-Metabolism and Reducing Oxidative Stress of Diabetic Rats of Tremella Aurantialba Broth’s Extract (TBE) with Its MyceliaPolysaccharides (TMP) Journal of Food Science. 2009, 74(1): 15~21
6. Assay of the Glucose Consumption Rate in Liver with a Novel Colorimetric Method. Current Pharmaceutical Analysis 2011, 7(3): 195~201
7. Enhanced production of mycelial biomass and ganoderic acid in submerged culture of Ganoderma applanatum ACCC-52297 elicited by feeding rutin. African Journal of Microbiology Research 2011, 5(21): 3452~3461
8. Optimization of nutritional constituents for carbonic anhydrase production by Bacillus mucilaginosus K02. African Journal of Biotechnology2011, 10(42): 8403~8413
9. Bacillus mucilaginosus can capture atmospheric CO2 by carbonic anhydrase. African Journal of Microbiology Research 2011, 5(2): 106~112
10. Non-enzymatic glycosylation reaction contributes to a rise of blood glucose inalloxan-induced diabetic rats. Internal Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism 2007, 15(1): 52~59
11. A comparative study on the degradation of gallic acid by Aspergillus oryzae and Phanerochaete chrysosporium. Water Science & Technology 2014,70(1):175-182
12. H2O2 can Increase Lignin Disintegration and Decrease Cellulose Decomposition in the Process of Solid-State Fermentation (SSF) by Aspergillus oryzae Using Corn Stalk as Raw Materials. Bioresources, 2014,9(2):2077-3087 (Corresponding author)
13. Optimization of the condition for adsorption of gallic acid by Aspergillus oryzae mycelia using Box-Behnken design. Environ Sci Pollut Res (2015)22:1085-1094
14. Biosorption characteristics of 1,8-dihydroxy anthraquinone onto Aspergillus oryzae CGMCC5992 biomass. Int. J. Environ. Sci. Technol. (2015) 12:3351–3362.
15. Enhanced degradation of lignin in corn stalk by combined method of Aspergillus oryzae solid state fermentation and H2O2 treatment. Biomass and Bioenergy 81 (2015) 224e233
16. Transformation of multi-component ginkgolide into ginkgolide B by Coprinus comatus. BMC Biotechnology (2015) 15:17
17. Identification of lignin-induced expression of Aspergillus oryzae 5992 genes using suppression subtract.10(2015):6928-6941
18. Lignin degradation in corn stalk by combined method of H2O2 hydrolysis and Aspergillus oryzae CGMCC5992 liquid‑state fermentation. Biotechnology for Biofuels (2015) 8:183
19. Disintergration of sludge by a two-stage treatment with hydrogen peroxide and solid-state fermentation by Aspergillus oryzae CGMCC5992. Environment Protection Engineering 42(2016):43-54
20. Optimization of Process Parameters for 𝜀-Polylysine Production by Response Surface Methods. International Journal of Polymer Science 2016 (2016):1-11


Main Scientific Research Projects
Nation Projects:
1. Characteristics and application of carbonic anhydrase from silicate bacteria (National basic research973, 2006CB403202)
2 .The studying of the relationship between Grifola frondosa glycopeptide fragments and antitumor activity (The National Natural Science Foundation 31101269)
3. Scale production of Tan Zi Ping mushroom capsule (The national Spark Program 2007EA690071)
Provincial projects:
4. Study of poly-enzyme systems of Aspergillus oryzae CGMCC5992 to degrade corn stalk and the technological condition to rice straw to produce ethanol by the poly-enzyme systems. (Social development fund of Jiangsu, SBE2015730013);
5. Mechanism analysis of Improving glucose metabolism in diabetic rats by the synergistic effect of iron and Coprinus comatus(China Postdoctoral Science Foundation 20080440810);
6. Basic research of multi strains co fermentation in straw producing protein feed(Provincial Natural Science Foundation Course BK2003047);
7. Analysis of the resources and active substance on inhibition of non enzymatic glycation reaction of edible and medicinal fungi(Provincial Natural Science Foundation BK2011154)
8. High efficient microbial fermentation feed development and industrial technology development (The Yangtze River Delta technology joint research project 10140702021)
Municipal projects:
9. Mechanism analysis of Improving glucose metabolism in diabetic rats by the synergistic effect of iron and Coprinus comatus(social development technology plan of Nantong S2008004)
10. Development of Ganoderma lucidum ginkgo wine(social development technology plan of Nantong S2011003)
11. Biotransformation of Ginkgo producing hypoglycemic activity (research project of Zhenjiang )
Research projects:
12.Study on biological conversion of fuel ethanol production from corn straw.
13. Study on hypoglycemic active substances of Tremella



1. The application of Tremella mycelium polysaccharide reducing blood sugar and blood fat. Invention patent, Patent No: 200310106533.X
2.Extraction method of Tremella Polysaccharide. Invention patent, Patent No: 0212691.7;
3. The producing of Tremella ferment liquid or sesquiterpene through  Golden fungus liquid fermentation. Invention paten, Patent No: 200710062838.3;
4.Preparation method and application of convert fermentation broth of folium mori by Coprinus comatus solution. Invention patent, Patent No: 200810020889.4
5. The method and application of extracellular polysaccharide producing by golden fungus liquid fermentation. Invention patent, Patent No: 200710190177.2;
6.Method and application of convert wheat straw to produce ganoderma lucidum acid protein feed. Invention patent, Patent No: 200810020887.5;
7. Preparation method and application of Tremella ginkgo functional food. Invention patent, Patent No: 201010145686.5
8. Preparation method and effect of Golden fungus gingko yellow wine. Invention patent, Patent No: 201010145712.4
9. Preparation method and application of Cordyceps ginkgo functional food. Invention patent, Patent No: 201110197674.1
10. Preparation method and application of Ganoderma Gingko functional food. Invention patent, Patent No: 201110197688.3
11. Preparation method and effect of Ganoderma lucidum gingko yellow wine. Invention patent, Patent No: 201110197681.1
12. The technological condition on removing anthraquinone of waste water by Phanerochaete chrysosporium biomass. Invention patent, Patent No:201310405890.X
13. One technological condition to degradation of vinasse of white wine by Aspergillus oryzae. Invention patent, Patent No: 201210169681.5
14. The strategy of degrading stalk to produce feed by Aspergillus oryzae. Invention patent, Patent No: 201210169686.8
15. One lingzi-Ginkgo Seed fruit wine and its producing technological condition. Invention patent, Patent No: 201210366381.6
16. One technological condition to remove anthraquinone compound from waste water by Aspergillus oryzae. Invention patent, Patent No: 201310405488.1
17. One technological condition for Aspergillus oryzae to degrade gallic acid of the waste water. Invention patent, Patent No: 201310405798.3
18. One technological condition for Aspergillus oryzae to degrade anthraquinone compound from waste water. Invention patent, Patent No: 201310405928.3

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards
Biotransformation of Medicinal fungal to improve its hypoglycemic activity    
Identification of the Ministry of Education/Light Industry Federation Scientific and technological progress award of excellence


Number of undersupervised masters and Ph.D.

Number of supervised graduates

Number of supervised undergraduate

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