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Name:Guo Qin
Associate Professor
Address:301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, PR China


1998-2002 Henan University of Technology,Bachelor
2003-2006 Henan University of Technology, Master
2006-2009 Zhejiang University, food safety, Ph.D


Professional Experience
2009.11- Jiangsu Universtiy

Scientific Research Field
food microbial fermentation and genetic engineering; food-borne bacterial pathogen; food safety


Social academic post and honor


Teaching Courses
Microbiology; food nutrition; food technology


Published papers
1) Guo, Q., Zhang, W., Ma, L., Chen, Q., Chen, J., Zhang, H., Ruan, H. and He, G. A food-grade industrial arming yeast expressing β-1, 3-1, 4-glucanase with enhanced thermal stability. Journal of Zhejiang University-Science B. 2010. 11(1): 41-51.
2) Guo, Q., Zhang, W., Ruan, H. and He, G. A food-grade expression/secretion vector for yeast usingα-galactosidase as selection marker. 2009, 14th World Congress of Food Science &Technology.
3) Guo, Q., Zhang, W., He, GQ, etc. The cell-surface display expression system of Saccharomycescerevisiae and its application. China biotechnology. 2008. 28(012): 116-122.
4) Guo Qin,Cai Jingping, Liu ailan,etc. The study on the diversities of microbial activity in different parts of grain bulks. The grain and oil process and food mechanics. 2006(007): 65-68.
5)Guo Qin,  Zhang Wei, Ruan Hui, etc. Studies on the Growth and Fermentation Ability and Genetic Stability of the Recombinant GAL Genotype Yeast. .Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology
6)Guo Qin, Cao QG, Han Dong, etc. The Analysis of Fermentation process of 5 kinds of vegetables and the studies on the probiotic properties of lactic acid bacteria(LAB). Science and Technology of Food Industry. 2013,12
7) Guo Qin, Xu HT, Yang LP, etc. Studies on the biofilm formation of Vibrio  parahaemolyticus and the effect of its natural inhibitor under different conditions. Science and Technology of Food Industry.2014.10
8)Guo Qin, Ruan Hui, Zhang Wei, etc. Studies on the properties of displayed β-1,3-1,4-glucanase on the yeast cell. Journal of Chinese Institute Of Food Science and Technology. 2014.10
9) Cui shumao, Guo Qin, Dong Ying. The Study on Jerusalem artichoke pickleFermented Directly by lactobacillus plantarumProducing Higher Extracellular Polysaccharide. Food and fermentation technolofy, 2011, recepted.
10) Meilin Chen,Qin Guo, Hui Ruan, etc. Construction of the yeast whole cell ROL bio- catalyst with high activity. 2011, Journal of Zhejiang University-Science B.
11) Zhang Wei, Guo Qin, Ruan Hui, etc. The application of cell-surface display technology of yeast in protein engineering. Biotechnology Bulletin. 2009.(008): 63-66.
12) Qingguo Cao, Qin Guo, Yanqiang Shi, etc. Enzymatic Characteristics of Protease of Alternaria atternata, The Pathogenic Mold for Black Embryo Wheat Grains. Journal of the Chinese Cereals and OilsAssociation. 2007. 22(003): 26-28.
13) Jicheng Chen, Qihe Chen, Qin Guo, Sue Ruan, Hui Ruan, Guo-Qing He and Qing Gu.Simultaneous Determination of Acetoin and Tetramethylpyrazine in Traditional Vinegars by HPLC Method. Food Chemistry. 2010. 122(4): 1247–1252.


Main Scientific Research Projects
1)The transduction mechanism of virulence gene of Vibrio parahaemolyticus byPhage-mediation(32101373),National Natural Science Foundation of China ,2013.01-2015.12
2) The Pathogenic mechanism of Vibrio parahaemolyticus(1281360012), Foundation of Jiangsu University,2011.1-2013.12
3) The construction of strains and gene libraries of Lactic acid bacteria (1221360028), The practice and Innovative training program of Jiangsu higher students, 2010.6-2012.5
4) The epidemiology of pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus of Jiangsu and its formation mechanism(SBK201022695), National Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province,2011.1-2014.1
5) The regulation of Bitter on glucose and lipid metabolism and its molecular nutrition mechanism (31040061), National Natural Science Foundation of China,2011.1-2011.12


1)The knockout of Allele gene and the recombinant GAL strain. Guo Qin, Zhang Wei, He guoqing, Ruan Hui,. The application Number: 201010284289.6
2)The construction of two-GAL4 genotype yeast by homologous recombination and its industrial application. He guoqing, Ruan Hui,Guo Qin, Zhang Wei. The Publication Number: 101864371A

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

Number of postgraduates under supervision
Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.

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