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Name:Ding Qingzhi
Associate Professor, PhD, MS supervisor
Address:School of Food & Biological Engineering, Xuefu Road 301,Zhenjiang, Jiangsu,China

Ph.D.2008 Jiangsu University
B.S. 1999 Shandong Light Industries College

Professional Experience
2009 – Present School of Food and Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University, China, Lecture, Associate Prof
2013 -2018 Post doctorate eg. of Agricultural Engineering, Jiangsu University.

Scientific Research Field
Analysis and detection on quality of food and agricultural product, Physical processing of food such as the ultrasonic- assisted extraction of active ingredients in natural products, functional peptide preparation by ultrasonic assisted enzymatic, artificial aging of wine & the development of above processing equipment.

Social academic post and honor
Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Weilou Biological Technology Co.,Ltd

Teaching Courses
Instrumental Analysis for graduate overseas students
Postgraduate students: Food standards and regulations, Storage and logistics of agricultural products, Instrumental analysis
Undergraduate students: Food logistics, Food quality management

Published papers
More than 20 papers & books have been published. Selected Publications as follows:
1. Kinetics of Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Flavonoids and Triterpenes and Structure Characterization of Chinese Northeast Black Bee Propolis. Chiang Mai J. Sci. 2018, 45 : 1-21
2. Impact of ultrasound pretreatment on hydrolysate and digestion products of grape seed protein Ultrasonics Sonochemistry,2018,42:704-713
3. DING Qing-zhi1 , CHEN Yu, CHEN Ting-ting, ZOU Ren-ying, LUO Lin, MA Shi-qiao, MA Hai-le. Chemical Properties of Ethanol Extracts of Northeast-China Black Bee Propolis [J].Modern Food Science and Technology[J].2017,33(4):134-140.
4. LIAO Min CHEN Yu SHEN Yi'nan TIAN Yanjin ZHENG Tian DING Qingzhi.Identify the Authenticity of Propolis Based on Electronic Nose[J]. Farm Products Processing, 2017,01,77-80.(Corresponding author)
5. TIAN Yanjin HUANG Yuwen CAO Feifan WANG Chun LUO Lin DING Qingzhi.Multi-index Comprehensive Evaluation of Carrot Hot Air Drying[J]. Farm Products Processing, 2017,09,23-26+31.(Corresponding author)
6. Li Dongcheng Mo Yanfang Yang Hanli Guo Haiou Dou Zhilin Ding qingzhi Luo Lin.Determination of amino acid in wine by RP-HPLC [J]. Cereal & Food Industry, 2015,,82-88+93. (Corresponding author)
7. Ding Qing-zhi, Gu Yao-guang, Shen Tao, Yin Yunqin, Xu Xiao-kun, Ma Hai-le* Determination of Aliphatic Organic Acids in Propolis Wine By High Performance Liquid Chromotography Food industry;2014.12.
8. Ding Qing-zhi , Ma Hai-le , Luo Lin , He Ronghai. Effect of ultrasound pretreatment of corn gluten meal to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis in preparing ACEIpeptide [J]. Journal of Jiangsu University: NaturaScience Edition, 2009,30(6):554-558.
9. Ding Qing-zhi, Ma Hai-le, Luo Lin, et al. Effect of ultrasonic treatment on rapeseed protein enzymolysis [J]. Transactions of the CSAE, 2009,25(1):294-299.
10. Ding Qing-zhi, Ma Hai-le, Luo Lin, Teng Chao, Jia Jun-qiang. Preparation of Polypeptides from Rice Bran by Integration of Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Membrane Separation[J]. Journal of Chemical Engineering of Chinese Universities 23(4):632-638.
11. Ding Qing-zhi1, Ruan Kang, Teng Teng, Ma Hai-le, Luo Lin. The Processing Technology of Enzymatic - hydrolysis in Garlic Residue and Stabilities of ACEI Peptide. Lishizhen Medicine and Materia Medica Research, 2012,23(1):87-90.
12. Luo Lin, Ding Qing-Zhi, Ma Hai-Le. Establishment of in Vitro High-throughput Activity Detection Method for Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors Based on 96 Well Plates. Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2012,40(1):129-134.
13. Ding Qing-zhi, Ma Hai-le, Luo Lin, Zhang Lian-bo, He Rong-hai, Wang Zhen-bin. Purification of ACEI peptide from rice bran protein  by ultrafiltration and study of its stability. 2008, 29 (9):49-52..
14. Ding Qing-zhi,Ma Hai-le,Luo Lin,Li Jin-zhong. Study on Isolation, Purification and Identification of Glycoprtein from Chinese Yam,2008, 29(07):217-220.
15. Cunshan Zhou ,Haile Ma,Qingzhi Ding,Lin Lin,Xiaojie Yu,Lin Luo,Chunhua Dai,Abu El-Gasim A.Yagoub. Ultrasonic pretreatment of corn gluten meal proteins and neutrase: Effect on protein conformation and preparation of ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitory peptides. Food and Bioproducts Processing,2013,91(4):665-671.
16. New detection technology for milk and dairy products. ISBN9789122150103, Chemical Industry Press 2012-11-01.
17. Food safety and chemical pollution control. ISBN 978-7-122-04238-5, Chemical Industry Press 2009-02-01.

Main Scientific Research Projects
1. Highly appreciation to the National Key R&D Program of China (2018YFD0401105)
2. Jiangsu Planned Projects for Postdoctoral Research Funds: Rapid discrimination of propolis based on multidimensional characteristics analysis (1302013A).
3. Scientific Research Initial Fund from Jiangsu University for Senior Professionals: Research on the key technology of red Wine aging.
4. The open project of state key laboratory of Physical Processing of Agricultural Products.
5. Jiangsu Provincial Special fund project on transformation of scientific & technological achievements: key technology on production of functional peptide from oil meal & development of products (BA2008100), Jiangsu Department of Science & Technology (JDST), 2008-2011.
6. A Branch of “Technology & Equipment of Food Non-thermal Processing” of Key Program of National 863 Plan: High Magnetic Equipment & Treatment Technique (2007AA100400), 2007.10-2010.10.
7. A Branch of “Technology & Equipment of Food High Effective Separation” of Key Program of National 863 Plan: Technology Integration for Preparing Functional Peptide with High Purity”(2007AA100404), 2007.10-2010.10.
8. National 863 Plan: Preparation of Wheat Germ Peptide with Function of Reducing Blood Pressure Based on Coupling Technique of Ultrasonic Assisted Zymohydrolysis & Membrane Separation(2007AA10Z321), 2007-2010, Ministry of Science & Technology of the People’s Republic of China

Applied for 8 invention patents about the preparation of protein & polypeptide and wine, 5 of them have been authorized.

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

Number of postgraduates under supervision

Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.

Number of supervised undergraduates
More than 35

The above information updated
Mar.3, 2019


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