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Name:He Wensen
 Associate Professor
Address:301 Xuefu Road,Zhenjiang,212013,Jiangsu,China
Phone:+86 183****3163
Fax:+86 0511-88780201

1) Hebei University of Science and Technology, Food Quality and Safety, BS, 2008.
2) Jiangnan University, Food Science, PhD, 2013.

Professional Experience


Scientific Research Field
Functional Food Ingredients and Additives
Analysis, Extraction, Structure Modification and Biological Function of Natural Products

Social academic post and honor
2017 awarded Hongkong Scholar


Teaching Courses
Food Additives; Food Standard and Regulations; Food Quality and Safety.


Published papers
1. Wen-Sen He *, Di Hu, Yu Wang, Xue-Yan Chen, Cheng-Sheng Jia, Hai-Le Ma, Biao Feng, A novel chemo-enzymatic synthesis of hydrophilic phytosterol derivatives, Food Chemistry, 192, 2016, 557–565
2. Wen-Sen He *, Qiao Liu, Huan Yu, Xiao-Jing Si, Jin-Ku Zhang, Efficient Synthesis of Octacosanol Linoleate Catalyzed by Ionic Liquid and Its Structure Characterization, J Am Oil Chem Soc, 93, 2016, 93, 509–517
3. Wen-Sen He *, Ji Yin, Han-Shan Xu, Qiu-Ying Qian, Cheng-Sheng Jia, Hai-Le Ma,  Biao Feng *, Efficient Synthesis and Characterization of Ergosterol Laurate in a Solvent-Free System, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 62, 11748−11755, 2014
4. Wen-Sen He, Mei-Gui Wang, Xiao-Xia Pan, Jing-Jing Li, Cheng-Sheng Jia*, Xiao-Ming Zhang, Biao Feng*, Role of plant stanol derivatives in the modulation of cholesterol metabolism and liver gene expression in mice, Food Chemistry, 140, 9-16, 2013
5. Wen-Sen He, Yuan Ma, Xiao-Xia Pan, Jing-Jing Li, Mei-Gui Wang, Ye-Bo Yang, Cheng-Sheng Jia*, Xiao-Ming Zhang, Biao Feng*, Lin Yue, Efficient solvent-free synthesis of phytostanyl esters in the presence of acid-surfactant-combined catalyst, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 60, 9763-9769, 2012
6. Wen-Sen He, Jing-Jing Li, Xiao-Xia Pan, Yang Zhou, Cheng-Sheng Jia*, Xiao-Ming Zhang, Biao Feng*, Lipase-mediated synthesis of water soluble plant stanol derivatives in tert-butanol, Bioresource Technology, 114, 1-5, 2012
7. Wen-Sen He, Cheng-Sheng Jia, Ye-Bo Yang, Yuan Ma, Xiao-Ming Zhang, Biao Feng*, Jian Jin, Cholesterol-lowering effects of plant steryl and stanyl laurate by oral administration in mice, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 59, 5093-5099, 2011
8. Wen-Sen He, Cheng-Sheng Jia, Yuan Ma, Ye-Bo Yang, Xiao-Ming Zhang, Biao Feng*, Lin Yue, Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of phytostanyl esters in non-aqueous media, Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 67, 60-65, 2010

Main Scientific Research Projects
Hydrophilic modification, structure-activity relationship and molecular mechanism of phytosterols (NFSC, project number, 31401664, host, He Wensen)

Feng Biao, He Wensen, Jia Chengsheng, Zhang Xiaoming, Authorization Number: ZL 2011102711019
He Wensen, Sun Jun, Zhang Haihui, Hu Di, Authorization Number: ZL 2013106964650

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

Number of postgraduates under supervision
Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.


Number of supervised undergraduates

The above information updated
Sep 13, 2017



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