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Name:Gao Xianli
Associate Professor
Address:301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, 214122, China.


Mar, 2016-Mar, 2017. Visiting scholar, Department of Food Science, Cornell University. Major, Food Science.
Sept, 2007-July, 2010. Ph.D. School of Light Industry and Food Science, South China University of Technology. Major, Food Science.
Sept, 2002-Mar, 2005. M.E. School of Food Engineering and Biological Technology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology. Major, Food Science.
Sept, 1998-July, 2002. B.E. School of Food Science and Technology, Henan Agricultural University. Major, Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products.

Professional Experience
Jan, 2015-present
Associate Professor
School of Food and Biological Engineering, University of Jiangsu, Zhenjiang, China.
Nov, 2010-Jan, 2015
Associate Professor
National Engineering Laboratory for Cereal Fermentation Technology, Jiangnan University. Wuxi, China.
Mar, 2005-Sept, 2007
Guangzhou RiRiXiang Food Products Co.Ltd. Guangzhou, China.


Scientific Research Field
Structure and Function of Proteases, Food Biotechnologies, etc.


Social academic post and honor
Serve as peer reviewer for Food Chemistry, Food & Function, Food Research International (SCI), LWT-Food Science and Technology (SCI), Process Biochemistry (SCI), European Food Research and Technology (SCI), World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology (SCI), Livestock Science (SCI), CyTA-Journal of Food (SCI), Modern Food Science and Technology (EI) and Journal of Food Safety & Quality.
Excellence teaching award in graduation thesis, awarded by Jiangnan University (2013).


Teaching Courses
Biochemistry, Technologies of Fermented Foods


Published papers
[1] Gao Xianli, Liu Ermeng, Zhang Junke, Yang Mingquan, Chen Sui, Liu Zhan, Ma Haile, Hu Feng. Effects of sonication during moromi fermentation on antioxidant activities of compounds in raw soy sauce, LWT-Food Science and Technology, 2019, 108605, doi: 10.1016/j.lwt.2019.108605.
[2] Gao Xianli, Zhang Junke, Liu Ermeng, Yang Mingquan, Chen Sui, Hu Feng, Ma Haile, Liu Zhan, Yu Xueting. Enhancing the taste of raw soy sauce using low intensity ultrasound treatment during moromi fermentation, Food Chemistry, 2019, 298, 124928. SCI
[3] Gao Xianli, Yin Yiyun, Yan Jingkun, Zhang Junke, Ma Haile, Zhou Cunshan. Separation, biochemical characterization and salt‐tolerant mechanisms of alkaline protease from Aspergillus oryzae, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2019, 99(7): 3359–3366. SCI
[4] Gao Xianli, Zhang Junke, Joe M. Regenstein, et al. Characterization of taste and aroma compounds in Tianyou, a traditional wheat flour-fermented condiment, Food Research International, 2018, 106: 156-163. SCI
[5] Gao Xianli, Yin Yiyun & Zhou Cunshan. Purification, characterisation and salt-tolerant molecular mechanism of aspartyl aminopeptidase from Aspergillus oryzae 3.042, Food Chemistry, 2018, 240: 377-385. SCI
[6] Gao Xianli, Yan Shuang, Yang Bao, et al. A novel method for beef potentiator preparation and identification of its characteristic aroma compounds, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2014, 94(8):1648-1656. SCI  
[7] Gao Xianli, Sun Peng-fei, Lu Jian, et al. Characterization and formation mechanism of proteins in the secondary precipitate of soy sauce, European Food research and Technology, 2013, 237(4):647-654. SCI  
[8] Gao Xianli, Yan Shuang, Yang Bao, et al. Comparison of physicochemical properties of beef potentiators prepared by synergistic fermentation and traditional method, International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2013, 48(9):1932-1939. SCI
[9] Gao Xianli, Zhao Haifeng, Zhao Mouming, et al. Changes in the chemical composition of traditional Chinese-type soy sauce at different stages of manufacture and its relation to taste. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2011, 46(2):243-249. SCI
[10] Gao Xianli, Zhao Haifeng, Zhao Mouming, et al. Changes in volatile aroma compounds in traditional Chinese-type soy Sauce during fermentation and heat treatment. Food Science and Biotechnology, 2010, 19 (4):889-898. SCI
[11] Gao Xianli, Zhao Haifeng, Zhao Mouming, et al. A comparative study on physicochemical properties of Chinese-type soy sauces prepared using pure koji and mixed kojis. African Journal of Biotechnology, 2010, 9(40):6740-6747. SCI
[12] Gao Xianli, Zhao Haifeng, Zhao Mouming, et al. Comparative study on volatile flavor compounds of traditional Chinese-type soy sauces prepared with soybean and defatted soy meal. Food Science and Biotechnology, 2009, 18 (12): 1447-1458. SCI
[13] Jin Zhao, Mu Yuwen, Sun Junyong, Li Xiaomin, Gao Xianli, Lu Jian. Proteome analysis of metabolic proteins (pI 4-7) in barley (Hordeum vulgare) malts and initial application in malt quality discrimination, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2013, 61(2):402-409. SCI
[14] Feng Yunzi, Cui Chun, Gao Xianli, et al. Effect of koji fermentation on generation of volatile compounds in soy sauce production, International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2013, 48(3):609-619. SCI
[15] Yang Lan, Zhao Mouming, Zhao Haifeng, Su Guowan, Gao Xianli. Application of artificial neural network to prediction of Cantonese soy sauce brewing and changing pattern concerning total nitrogen and α-amino acid nitrogen, Journal of Food Processing Engineering, 2011, 34(6):1982-1999. SCI
[16] Gao Xianli, Zhao Siwei, Sun Pengfei, et al. Study on the isolation, identification and amino acid composition of proteins in soy sauce lee, Modern Food Science and Technology, 2013, 29(10):2512-2516. EI
[17] Gao Xianli, Cao Mingkai, Zhao Mouming, et al. Separation and identification of volatile flavor compounds in High-Salt liquid State-fermented soy sauce. Journal of South China University of Technology (Natural Science Edition), 2009, 37(10):117-123. EI
[18] Shu Wenju, He Linxia, Jiang Shuangshuang, Liu Shuangling, Guo Jin, Lu Jian, Gao Xianli (corresponding author). Study on the characteristics of taste compounds and taste of sweet soy sauce. Science and Technology of Food Industry, 2015(11):54-58. Chinese Journal
[19] Gao Xianli, Yan Shuang, Sun Peifeng, et al. Study on the composition characteristics of vinegar secondary precipitate and its proteins, Food and Fermentation Industries,2013, 39(8):59-62. Chinese Journal
[20] Gao Xianli, Yan Shuang, Chen Yanbin, et al. Preliminary study on secondary sediment formation of soy sauces based on statistics methods, Science and Technology of Food Industry, 2013,34 (3) :188-192. Chinese Journal
[21] Gao Xianli, Sun Pengfei, Yan Shuang, et al. Comparison of preparation methods of soy sauces sediments. Food and Fermentation Industries,2013, 39(1):46-50. Chinese Journal
[22] Gao Xianli, Zhao Mouming, Cao Mingkai. Research advances on soy sauce flavor compounds, China Brewing, 2009, (4):1-4. Chinese Journal
[23] Gao Xianli, Li Chao, Li Ying, et al. Comparing detection results of coliform by 3M method with that of coliform by nation standard method in flavor fragrance, Food Research and development, 2006, 27(6):132-133. Chinese Journal
[24] Gao Xianli, Li Chao. Research advances on the extraction technologies of plant origin flavor, China Food Additives, 2006, (6): 134-138. Chinese Journal
[25] Gao Xianli, Chen Shenri, Li Chao, et al. Validation of the first application of HACCP management system during the processing of fragrance & flavor, China Food Additives, 2006, (4): 95-99. Chinese Journal
[26] Gao Xianli, Yuan Jianming, Li Ying, et al. Study on the antibacterial effect of a compound preservatives on shrimp paste, China Food Additives, 2006, (1): 37-40. Chinese Journal
[27] Gao Xianli, Liu Anjun, Wang Lixia, et al. Studies on anti-fatigue effects of different molecular weights chitosan, Food Science, 2005, 26 (10): 224-227. Chinese Journal
[28] Gao Xianli, Liu Yujiang, Liu Anjun, et al. Studies on antibacterial activity against St.aureus of chitosan and N,O-carboxymethyl chitosan, Modern Food Science and Technology, 2005, 21(1): 25-30. Chinese Journal
[29] Du Yuanzheng, Cai Guolin, Gao Xianli, et al. Determination of Aflatoxin B1 in Raw Materials of Beer by SPE-HPLC, Food and Fermentation Industries,2012, 38(2):168-173. Chinese Journal
[30] Feng Yunzi, Cui Chun, Gao Xianli, et al. Comparative study on non-volatile components in traditional Chinese-type soy sauce and Japanese-type soy sauce, Food and Fermentation Industries, 2010, 37(7):62-66. Chinese Journal
[31] Yang Lan, Gao Xianli, Cui Chun, et al. Study on the promotion and optimization of yeast extract to seed koji cultivation, China Condiment, 2009, 34 (8):52-59. Chinese Journal
[32] Liu Anjun, Gao Xianli, Li Kun. Preliminary study on anti-fatigue effect of chitosan, Chinese Journal of Marine Drugs, 2005, 24(1): 56-59. Chinese Journal
[33] Li Kun, Liu Anjun, Gao Xianli, et al. Research of effectively purgative components of SCI in semen cassiae, Food Science and Technology, 2004, (11): 93-97. Chinese Journal


Main Scientific Research Projects
Removing the secondary precipitate and accelerating the flavor ripening of soy sauce using ultrasound coupling fermentation (2018A1007), the special development funding for technology and Science of Zhongshan, China (1.8 Million).
Study on the separation, identification and halotolerant molecular mechanism of protease secreted by Aspergillus oryzae 3.042 (No: 31301538), National Natural Science Foundation of China.
Screening and catalytic mechanisms of proteases with capacity to degrade the B3 subunit of secondary precipitate protein in soy sauce (2016M600380), the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.
Study on the Aspergillus oryzae with overexpression of salt-tolerant (or acid-tolerant) proteases using ARTP (No: 130857),Wuxi Siqingyuan Biotechnology Co.Ltd., Wuxi, China.
Comprehensive utilization of beer lees (No: K2012001), State Key Laboratory of Beer Fermentation Engineering, Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd., Qingdao 266061, China.
Study of the formation mechanism of proteins in soy sauce lees based on proteomics technologies (No: KLIB-KF201108), the Key Laboratory of Industrial Biotechnology, Ministry of Education, Jiangnan University (Completed).
Study of the formation mechanism of the secondary precipitate proteins in soy sauce based on proteomics technologies (No: JUSRP111A26), the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Completed).
Studies of savoury flavour prepared by fermentation and thermostable liquid flavour (No: 110060), Guangzhou RiRiXiang Food Products Co.Ltd., Guangzhou, China (Completed).
Study of the fermentation technology of dark Chinese rice wine (No: 110172), Jiangyin Tourism and Culture Co.Ltd., Wuxi, China (Completed).

Aspergillus oryzae and its application in preparation for beef potentiator with soy sauce flavor (ZL 201210276952.7).
 A rapid preparation method of soy sauce secondary precipitate (ZL 201210572358.2).
A method to directly degrade the secondary precipitate protein in soy sauce (ZL 201410036214.4).
A method to prepare savoury potentiator using soy sauce residue (acceptance No. 201510330660.0).
A fermentation method to produce black-bone chicken soy sauce (201510435153.3).
A rapid method to isolate, purify and identify salt-tolerant proteases secreted by microorganisms (201510478708.2).


Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

Number of postgraduates under supervision

Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.

Number of supervised undergraduates


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