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Name:Chen Bin
 Professor, PhD supervisor
Address:Room 319, School of Food & Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University

Acquired BSc degree in February of 1982 at Zhenjiang Institute of Agricultural Machinery, Major: machinery manufacturing process, equipment and automation; Acquired MSc degree in July of 1990 at Jiangsu Institute of Technology, Major: agricultural products processing and storage; Acquired PhD degree in June of 2001 at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Major: agricultural products processing and storage; Engaged in post-doc studies from October 2003 to December 2005 at post-doc work station of Jiangsu Hengshun Corporation.

Teaching and research experience
Teaching assistant at Zhenjiang Institute of Agricultural Machinery from February of 1982; Lecturer at Jiangsu Institute of Engineering from October of 1987; Associate professor at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology from October of 1997, MSc supervisor from 1997; Professor at Jiangsu University from October of 2004, PhD supervisor from 2005.

Social academic post and honor
Vice Chairman of Physical and Optical Instruments Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Instruments and Meters; Standing Director of Near Infrared Spectroscopy Society of the Chinese Society for Instruments and Meters.

Teaching courses
Course for PhD candidates: Spectroscopy and spectral analysis; Non-destructive quality detection of food; Mathematical modeling in food engineering
Course for MSc candidates: New technology of non-destructive quality detection for agricultural and food products
Course for BSc candidates: Non-destructive quality detection technology of food

Research projects for BSc and PhD candidates
PhD candidates: Food quality rapid and non-destructive detection technology and equipment; Agricultural products quality monitoring and management
MSc candidates: Near infrared spectrometric analysis technology; Chemical information processing and stoichiometry; Rapid non-destructive quality detection technology for food and agricultural products

Research field
Near infrared spectrometric analysis; Application of spectral analysis in food quality determination; Stoichiometry and chemical informatics; Detection system of Mini spectral instrument based on mobile cloud service platform.
Published books
Food Processing Machinery and Equipment; New Technology of Rapid and Non-destructive Quality Detection for Food and Agricultural Products

Scientific Research Projects
Near-infrared rapid detection of food stuff quality based on array semiconductor laser apparatus (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
Application of two-dimension related and polarized fluorescence technology on rapid detection of edible vegetable oil quality (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
Investigations on detection method and application mechanism of edible vegetable oil quality based on GC-IMS technology (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
Development and application of portable Fourier near-infrared spectrometer – Mission 5 (National Key Instrument Special Project)
Development and industrialization of MEMS near-infrared spectrometer (Key Scientific Achievement Transformation Project of Jiangsu Province)
Research and development of micro near-infrared spectrometric system (An Industry-University Cooperation Project Consigned by Jinan Hanon Instrument Co. Ltd.)

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards
“Food processing machinery and equipment” was honored the excellent teaching merit of Jiangsu University in 2004 and the National Excellent Course in 2008

ZL 2010 1 0209447.1, invention patent: Method and non-destructive quality detection device for rapeseeds based on near infrared spectrometry
ZL 201310280939.3, invention patent: A method for detecting defects in potato
ZL 201310290636.x, invention patent: A method for early detection of tobacco virus disease based on infrared thermal imaging technology
ZL 201510449474.9, invention patent: A method for extracting fluorescence spectral information
ZL 2007 2 0045961X, novel practical patent: Multiple light path output type integrating sphere
ZL 2008 2 0036026.1, novel practical patent. An integrating sphere detection system
2007SR06801, computer software copyright: NIRS data processing system V2.2

Number of postgraduates under supervision

PhD candidates: 5; BSc candidates: 12

Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.
PhD: 2; BSc: 55

Number of supervised undergraduates

The above information updated on
Oct. 30, 2017


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