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Name:Jianrong Shi


Address:50 Zhonglinjie Street,Nanjing,China




Education Professional Experience

1980-1984  Nanjing Agricultural University BS degree

1987-1990  Nanjing Agricultural University Master degree

1995-2000  Nanjing Agricultural University  PH D degree

2000-2004  Michigan State University  Visiting scholar

2005     Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, JIRCAS

Scientific Research Field

Food quality, nutrition and safety

Toxingenesis and genetic regulation, risk assessment, detoxification , and management of Fusarium toxins

Safety assessment and detection tech of biotech products

Social academic post and honor

Directors of key laboratory of MOA and international cooperation platforms with USA, German and Korea.

National reviewer of agro-food safety detection institutions, agro-food quality and nutrition evaluation and risk assessment.

Teaching Courses

Published papers

Wang, G., Yu, M., Dong, F., Shi, J., & Xu, J. (2017). Esterase activity inspired selection and characterization of zearalenone degrading bacteria Bacillus pumilus ES-21. Food Control, 77, 57-64.

Ji, F., Mokoena, M. P., Zhao, H., Olaniran, A. O., & Shi, J. (2017). Development of an immunochromatographic strip test for the rapid detection of zearalenone in wheat from Jiangsu province, China. PloS one, 12(5), e0175282.

Geyuan Li,  Kai Zhang, Meriem Fizir, Muchuan Niu, Cheng Sun, Shuangling Xi Xuanhong Hui, Jianrong Shi  and  Hua He  2017 Rational design, preparation and adsorption study of a magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer using a dummy template and a bifunctional monomer. New Journal of Chemistry 41(15)

Liu, X., Han, Q., Wang, J., Wang, X., Xu, J., & Shi, J. (2016). Two FgLEU2 Genes with Different Roles in Leucine Biosynthesis and Infection-Related Morphogenesis in Fusarium graminearum. PloS one, 11(11), e0165927.

Qiu, J. B., Sun, J. T., Yu, M. Z., Xu, J. H., & Shi, J. R. (2016). Temporal dynamics, population characterization and mycotoxins accumulation of Fusarium graminearum in Eastern China. Scientific reports, 6.

Xu, J., Wang, H., Zhu, Z., Ji, F., Yin, X., Hong, Q., & Shi, J. (2016). Isolation and characterization of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens ZDS-1: Exploring the degradation of Zearalenone by Bacillus spp. Food Control, 68, 244-250.

He, X., Lillemo, M., Shi, J., Wu, J., Bjørnstad, Å., Belova, T., ... & Singh, P. (2016). QTL Characterization of Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in CIMMYT Bread Wheat Line Soru# 1. PloS one, 11(6), e0158052.

Dong, F., Qiu, J., Xu, J., Yu, M., Wang, S., Sun, Y., ... & Shi, J. (2016). Effect of environmental factors on Fusarium population and associated trichothecenes in wheat grain grown in Jiangsu province, China. International journal of food microbiology, 230, 58-63.

Qiu, J., Dong, F., Yu, M., Xu, J., & Shi, J. (2016). Effect of preceding crop on Fusarium species and mycotoxin contamination of wheat grains. Journal of the science of food and agriculture, 96(13), 4536-4541.

Yin, X., Zhu, Z., Zhou, Y., Ji, F., Yao, Z., Shi, J., & Xu, J. (2016). Complete genome sequence of deoxynivalenol-degrading bacterium Devosia sp. strain A16. Journal of biotechnology, 218, 21-22.

Ji, F., Wu, J., Zhao, H., Xu, J., & Shi, J. (2015). Relationship of deoxynivalenol content in grain, chaff, and straw with fusarium head blight severity in wheat varieties with various levels of resistance. Toxins, 7(3), 728-742.

Liu, X., Han, Q., Xu, J., Wang, J., & Shi, J. (2015). Acetohydroxyacid synthase FgIlv2 and FgIlv6 are involved in BCAA biosynthesis, mycelial and conidial morphogenesis, and full virulence in Fusarium graminearum. Scientific reports, 5 :16315

Ji,F., Xu,J., Liu,X., Yin,X. & Shi,J. (2014) Natural occurrence of deoxynivalenol and zearalenone in wheat from Jiangsu province, China. Food Chem, 157, 393-397.

Wu,J., Yu,M., Xu,J., Du,J., Ji,F., Dong,F., Li,X. & Shi,J. (2014) Impact of Transgenic Wheat with wheat yellow mosaic virus Resistance on Microbial Community Diversity and Enzyme Activity in Rhizosphere Soil. PLoS One, 9, e98394.

Liu,X., Wang,J., Xu,J. & Shi,J. (2014) FgIlv5 is required for branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis and full virulence in Fusarium graminearum. Microbiology, 160, 692-702.

Liu,X., Xu,J., Wang,J., Ji,F., Yin,X. & Shi,J. (2014) Involvement of threonine deaminase FgIlv1 in isoleucine biosynthesis and full virulence in Fusarium graminearum. Curr.Genet

Qiu,J. & Shi,J. (2014) Genetic relationships, Carbendazim sensitivity and mycotoxin production of the fusarium graminearum populations from maize, wheat and rice in eastern china. Toxins (Basel), 6, 2291-2309

Main Scientific Research Projects

National science foundation of China

National agro-food risk assessment project

National surveillance program of mycotoxins of wheat


Scientific Research Achievements and Awards

National award for science and technology progress

Jiangsu award for science and technology progress

Number of postgraduates under supervision

18 masters and 1 PhD

Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.

1 master, 1 PhD

Number of supervised undergraduates

5-10 each year

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