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Name:Cai Jianrong 
Professor; PhD supervisor
Address:School of Food & Biological Engineering, Room321
Phone:0086-511-88795305(O); 0086-139****2631(M)

Ph.D. 2005,  Agricultural Products Process Engineering, Jiangsu University, China
M.S. 1996, Agricultural Products Process Engineering, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, China
B.S. 1989, Agricultural Mechanization, Jiangsu Institute of Technology, China

Professional Experience
Professor (2012-Present), Institute of Agriculture Products Processing Engineering of JSU
Professor (2007-2012), Central lab of Food and Biological Engineering of JSU
Associate Professor (2000-2006), Department of Food Science and Engineering of JSU
visiting scholar(2004-2005), Hanover University, Germany
Lecturer (1995-1999), Department of Food Science and Engineering of JSU
Assistant Engineer(1989-1994), Department of Science and Technology of JSU

Scientific Research Field
1. The application of new nondestructive detection techniques and rapid detection of agricultural and food products. The applied technologies include image processing, hyper spectral image processing, X-ray image processing, acoustic detection, etc.
2. The fruit and vegetable harvesting robot research include stereo vision and image matching, obstacle avoidance and path panning, virtual reality and 3D reconstruction.
3. The electrochemical detection for agriculture and food products.

Social academic post and honor
Vice dean of Institute of Agriculture Products Processing Engineering
Senior member of the CSAE
Editorial board member of Agricultural Engineering
Editorial board member of Journal of Food Safety&Quality

Teaching Courses
New nondestructive detection technology and equipment of food products
Image Processing
Experimental design and Data Processing

Published papers
1. Yaqi Li, Li Sun, Jing Qian, Lingliang Long, Henan Li, Qian Liu, Jianrong Cai*, Kun Wang*. Fluorescent “on-off-on” switching sensor based on CdTe quantum dots coupled with multiwalled carbon nanotubes@graphene oxide nanoribbons for simultaneous monitoring of dual foreign DNAs in transgenic soybean. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2017,92:26-32. (SCI)
2. ZHANG Shi-qing, DAI Qi-jun, SUN Li*, CAI Jian-rong, ZHOU Qing-qian, ZHOU Xiao-li. Mechanical Analysis and Structural Optimization of Knocking Device for Eggshell Crack Detection. Transactions of CSAM, 2017,48(5): 363-368.(EI)
3. YUAN Lei-ming CAI Jian-rong SUN Li XU Deng-cheng YE Hua. Inspection of the Sensory Preference for Table Grape with Visual-Near Infrared Spectroscopy. Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2017,37(4):1220-1224. (SCI/EI)
4. Cai Jian-rong*, Liu Meng-lei, Sun Li, Lu Yue, Yang Hang. Laser speckle image detection of chilled pork freshness based on improved moment of inertia algorithm. Transactions of CSAE, 2017, 338(7):268-274. (EI)
5. Yaqi Li, Li Sun, Jing Qian, Chengke Wang, Qian Liu, En Han, Nan Hao, Liuping Zhang, Jianrong Cai*, Kun Wang*. A homogeneous assay for highly sensitive detection of CaMV35S promoter in transgenic soybean by forster resonance energy transfer between nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots and Ag nanoparticles. Analytica Chimica Acta, 2016 , 948: 90-97.  (SCI)
6. Yaqi Li, Li Sun, Qian Liu, En Han, Nan Hao, Liuping Zhang, Shanshan Wang, Jianrong Cai*, Kun Wang*. Photoelectrochemical CaMV35S biosensor for discriminating transgenic from non-transgenic soybean based on SiO 2 @CdTe quantum dots core-shell nanoparticles as signal indicators. Talanta , 2016, 161:211-218. (SCI)
7. Lei-ming Yuan, Jian-rong Cai*, Li Sun, En Han, Teye Ernest. Nondestructive Measurement of Soluble Solids Content in Apples by a Portable Fruit Analyzer. Food Analytical Methods, 2016, 9:785-794. (SCI)
8. Lei-ming Yuan, Jian-rong Cai*, Li Sun, Chuang Ye. A Preliminary Discrimination of Cluster Disqualified Shape for Table Grape by Mono-Camera Multi-Perspective Simultaneously Imaging Approach. Food Analytical Methods, 2016, 9 (3) :758-767. (SCI)
9. Liu Hai-ling, Cai Jian-rong*, Sun Li, Yuan Lei-ming and Liu Meng-lei. Research on the Discrimination of Hatching Eggs Activity Based on Thermal Imaging: A Food Nondestructive Testing Practice. International Journal of Smart Home , 2016 , 10 (2) : 175-186. (EI)
10. Li Sun, Bin Liu, Jian-rong Cai*, Song Lv, Chuang Ye. Online Measurement of Content in Block Frozen Shrimp by Fusion of X-ray Imaging and Binocular Vision. Food Analytical Methods, 2015, 8 (10) :1-8. (SCI)
11. Lei-Ming Yuan, Li Sun, Jian-Rong Cai*, Hao Lin. A Preliminary Study On Whether The Soluble Solid Content and Acidity of Oranges Predicted By Near Infrared Spectroscopy Meet The Sensory Degustation. Journal of Food Process Engineering. 2015, 38 (4): 309-319.
12. Li Sun, Lei-ming Yuan, Jian-rong Cai*, Hao Lin, Jie-wen Zhao. Egg Freshness on-Line Estimation Using Machine Vision and Dynamic Weighing. Food Analytical Methods. 2015 (8): 922–928. (SCI)
13. En Han*, Yi Yang, Zheng He, Jianrong Cai, Xinai Zhang, Xiaoya Dong. Development of tyrosinase biosensor based on quantum dots/chitosan nanocomposite for detection of phenolic compounds. Analytical Biochemistry, 2015, 486 :102-106. (SCI)  
14. Li Sun, Jian-Rong Cai*, Jie-Wen Zhao. A vision system based on TOF 3D imaging technology applied to robotic citrus harvesting. Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing , 2015 , 21 (3) : 345-354. (SCI)
15. Liu Bin, Tang Mingjie,Lu Liming, Lin Yaling, Cai Jianrong*, Ma Teng. Distinguishing different cultivar kiwifruits by near-infrared spectroscopy Based on pattern recognition methods. International Agricultural Engineering Journal (IAEJ), 2015,24(3): 61-67. (SCI)
16. Jian-rong Cai*,Lei-ming Yuan, Bin Liu,Li Sun.Nondestructive gender identification of silkworm cocoons using X-ray imaging with multivariate data analysis. Analytical Methods 2014(6) 7224-7233. (SCI)
17. Jian-Rong Cai*,Li-Na Zhou, En Han. A Sensitive Amperometric Acetylcholine Biosensor Based on Carbon Nanosphere and Acetylcholinesterase Modified Electrode for Detection of Pesticide Residues. Analytical Sciences, 2014(30) 669-673. (SCI)
18. Lü Qiang, Cai Jianrong*, Liu Bin, Deng Lie, Zhang Yajing. Identification of fruit and branch in natural scenes for citrus harvesting robot using machine vision and support vector machine. Int J Agric & Biol Eng. 2014, 7(2):115-121. (SCI)
19. Zhang Shi-qing, Tu Jia, Sun Li, Cai Jian-rong*, Gu Hai-feng, Gu Hao. Online Detection Method of Eggs Major-minor-axis and Mass. Transactions of CSAM, 2014,45(2): 204-209. (EI)
20. Li Sun, Xia-kun Bi, Hao Lin, Jie-wen Zhao, Jian-rong Cai*. On-line detection of eggshell crack based on acoustic resonance analysis,Journal of Food Engineering, 2013 (116): 240–245. (SCI)
21. Li Sun, Jian-rong Cai*, Hao Lin, Jie-wen Zhao, Xia-kun Bi. On-line estimation of eggshell strength based on acoustic impulse response analysis,Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies 2013(18):220-225. (SCI)
22. Jianrong Cai*, Xiaojuan Wu, Leiming Yuan, En Han, Lina Zhou and Anhong Zhou. Determination of Chinese Angelica honey adulterated with rice syrup by an electrochemical sensor and chemometrics. Analytical Methods, 2013,5(9),2324-2328. (SCI)  
23. Yuan Lei-ming, Sun Li, Lin Hao, Han En, Liu Hai-lin, Cai Jian-rong*. Simplification of NIR Model for Citrus's Sugar Content Based on Sensory Methods. Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2013,33(9): 2387-2391. (SCI/EI)

Main Scientific Research Projects
1. Title: Research on Multi-information Perception Method of Fruit Harvesting Robot (30771243). Agency: the National Natural and Science Foundation of China
2. Title: Rapid Extraction and Location of Tree’s Fruit Based on Stereo Vision and Obstacle Avoidance Research of Manipulator(2006AA10Z263) Agency: Ministry of Science and Technology of China
3. Title: Classification Equipment Development and Demonstration of Typical Agricultural Produce - Leader of sub-items (2011BAD20B12). Agency: Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
4. Title: The Net Content Online Detection Of Block Frozen Shrimp Based On X-Ray Imaging Technology- Leader Of Sub-items (2012BAD29B04-4). Agency: Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
5. Title: Spices sterilization based on high frequency electric heating(15KJA550001). Agency: Major Projects Supported by the Natural Science Foundation of the Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions of China.

1. ZL200810024764.9, Detection Method and Appliance based on Near Infrared Spectrometric Introduced for Online Determination of Fruit Internal Quality.
2. ZL200810124283.5, Flexible Picking Device and Method Used for Citrus Harvesting Robot.
3. ZL200910036284.9, An End-effector for Fruits Picking Robot.
4. ZL200910232278.0, Appliance and Method Used for Automatic Identification of Cocoon Sex.
5. ZL201010569911.8, Image-based 3D Model Reconstruction Method for Branches of Fruit Trees.
6. ZL201210330564.2, A Portable Nondestructive Detection Device of Fruit Internal Quality.
7. ZL201310274647.9 The Net Content Determination Device of Block Frozen Shrimp Based on X-ray Imaging

Scientific Research Achievements and Awards
1. The First Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by Government of Jiangsu Province, 2012
2. The Second Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by The Chinese Association of Grain and Oil, 2012
3. National Invention Prize (The Second Prize), Awarded by Chinese Government,2008
4. The First Prize for Invention in Technology, Awarded by Light Industry League of China, 2007
5. The First Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by Mechanical Industry League of China, 2006
6. The Second Prize for Advancement in Science & Technology, Awarded by Government of Jiangsu Province, 2006

Number of postgraduates under supervision

Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.

Number of supervised undergraduates

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Sep. 13, 2017

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