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Name:Huang Xing-yi
Professor; PhD supervisor
Address:School of Food & Biological Engineering, Room306

Ph.D., Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, 1996-1999
Major research areas: Nondestructive detection on quality of food & agricultural products
M.S., Jiangsu Institute of Technology, 1985-1988
Major research areas: Automatic detection
B.S., Jiangsu Institute of Technology, 1981-1985
Major: Power Mechanism Engineering
Professional Experience        
Visiting Scholar, Michigan State University USA 2009.10-2010.10
Post doctoral research, University of Saskatchewan, Canada 2000.1-2001.1
Professor, Jiangsu University, since 2006.7
Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, 2001- 2006
Lecturer, Hohai University Mechanism Institute, 1988-1996
Scientific Research Field        
Nondestructive detection technique and equipment for evaluation of quality of food and agricultural product
Social academic post and honor        
Director of Agricultural Products Processing and Storage branch, Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering
Director of Package & Food Machinery branch, Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery Engineering
Food Safety Expert of Zhenjiang City
Chinese National Expert for Judgment of Functional Food
Member of America Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Teaching Courses        
Digital Image Processing in Food Engineering
Image Recognition
Application of Computer in Food Engineering
Published papers        
1.       Xingyi Huang, Junwei Xin, Jiewen Zhao. A novel technique for rapid evaluation of fish freshness using colorimetric sensor array [J]. Journal of Food Engineering, 2011,105(4) 632-637
2.       Ernest Teye, Xingyi Huang, Huang Dai, Quansheng Chen. Rapid differentiation of Ghana cocoa beans by FT-NIR spectroscopy coupled with multivariate classification [J].Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 2013,114, 183-189
3.       Ernest Teye, Xingyi Huang, Fangkai Han & Francis Botchway. Discrimination of Cocoa Beans According to Geographical Origin by Electronic Tongue and Multivariate Algorithms [J].Food Analytical Methods, 2013,6(3)
4.       Ernest Teye, Xingyi Huang, Newlove Afoakwa. Review on the Potential Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) for the Measurement of Chemical Residues in Food [J]. American Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2013, 1(1), 1-8
5.       Xingyi Huang, Fang Zhou, Feiyan Jiang. Evaluation of Pork Freshness Using Olfaction Visualization Detection Technique [J]. Transactions of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2011, 42(5):142-145
6.       Xingyi Huang, Shuang Jiang, Quansheng Chen, Jiewen Zhao.Identification of defect Pleuroutus Geesteranus based on computer vision [J]. Transactions of Chinese Society for Agricultural Engineering, 2010,26(10):350-354
7.       Xingyi Huang, Chunxia Zhang. Discrimination on grades of algae bloom with electronic tongue [J]. Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural Science Edition) , 2010,31(5):506-509.
8.       HUANG Xing-yi; ZHANG Qing-lei; LV Qiang Nondestructive detection of walnut internal quality using soft X rays technology[J]. Science and Technology of Food Industry, 2011, 32(02):344-346.
9.       HUANG Xingyi; WANG Hui. Monitoring of the vinegar fermentation process using electronic tongue[J].                 China Brewing,
10.    Huang Xingyi; Xin Junwei; Zhao Jiewen; Zou Xiaobo. Application of colorimetric sensor array to assess peach quality [J]. Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural Science Edition), 2009,30(5):433-436.
11.    Huang Xingyi; Xin Junwei; Zou Xiaobo, Zhao Jiewen. Study on Characteristics of Colorimetric Sensors for Rapid Detection of Food Odors [J]. Chinese Journal of Sensors and Actuators, 2009,22(7):913-917.
12.    Huang Xingyi, Wei Haili, Zhao Jiewen, Wang Jia, Gao Haining. Online separating technique and device for dehydrated garlic slice [J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2008.24(3):278-281
Main Scientific Research Projects        
National Natural Science Fund of China
Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest
Scientific Research Achievements and Awards        
2012 the first prize for advancement in science & technology awarded by Government of Jiangsu Province
2008 the second prize for National Award for technological invention by Chinese government
2007 the first prize for invention in technology rewarded by Light Industry League of China
2006 the first prize for advancement in science & technology rewarded by Mechanical Industry League of China
2006 the second prize for advancement in science & technology awarded by Government of Jiangsu Province
Number of postgraduates under supervision        
Number of supervised masters and Ph.D.        
Number of supervised undergraduates        
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