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Integration of transcriptome and proteome data reveals Ochratoxin A biosynthesis regulated by pH in Penicillium citrinum

Ochratoxin A (OTA) has been found in a wide range of commodities and it is highly toxicity to both humans and animals. Therefore, a good understanding of the mechanisms of OTA production by fungi will contribute to the development of eco-friendly methods to mitigate the toxin. In this study, the results showed that Penicillium citrinum X9-4, which was isolated from infected grapes by our laboratory, produced the highest amount of OTA at pH 5 in culture media, and toxin-production was restrained under acidic environment (pH 3). And then differentially expressed proteins of P. citrinum X9-4 cultured under these two conditions were analyzed by proteomic technology. Additionally, through the analysis of the transcriptome data of P. citrinum cultured at pH 3 and 5, the differentially expressed genes were found to be involved in many metabolic pathways, including "amino acid transport and metabolism", "transport and metabolism of carbohydrates", "inorganic ion transport and metabolism", "biosynthesis of secondary metabolites" and "energy and supply metabolism", which are likely to be involved in regulating OTA biosynthesis. It also revealed that the expression levels of some OTA synthesis related enzymes and genes for regulating toxin synthesis pathways were reduced under acidic culture condition, such as acetyltransferase, acyl coenzyme A oxidase, alcohol oxidase, cytochrome P450, acetyl xylan esterase, turn ketol enzyme and so on.


Fig. 1 Two-dimensional pattern of total proteins of P. citrinum cultured at different pH. a: P. citrinum cultured at pH 3, b: P. citrinum cultured at pH 5.

Fig. 2 Functional classification of DEG in P. citrinum. A: GO classification. B: COG classifications.

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