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Jiangsu Provincial Research Center of Biological Processing and Separation Engineering of Agricultural Products

Jiangsu Province Research Center of Bio-process and Separation of Agri-products was authorized by Department of Science & Technology Jiangsu province in 2003. It is a professional engineering technology research center founded by School of Food and Biological Engineering Jiangsu University in conjunction with Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Limited Corporation. The center mainly focuses on research of bio-modification of agricultural products, extraction and separation technology of active material in agricultural products, technical consultation and service, development of new products, production and sale of related products, and so on.

Main research fields

(1)Research on biological processing technology of agricultural products
Enzyme hydrolysis technique for preparation of functional peptide, Biological fermentation technique of agricultural products for preparation of active polysaccharide, functional peptide and biological feed, fermentation technique for cider production, anaerobic ferment technology for preparation of bio-energy.
(2)Research on separation technology of agricultural products
Ultrasonic assistant extraction technique of effective compounds in agricultural products, extraction technique with supercritical fluids, membrane separation technique, molecular distillation technique, microwave assistant extraction technique.
(3)Research on brewage technique of vinegar
Technique for generating & controlling the special flavor of vinegar, gathering and identification of microorganism of vinegar, development of application technology and derivation products of vinegar,waste-to-energy technology for vinegar residue( anaerobic fermentation & pyrolysis).
(4)Development of processing equipments for agricultural products
Creation and development of fast & non-destructive detection equipments, effective extraction equipments for effective compounds in agricultural products, enzyme deactivation equipments and dry equipments for agricultural products, and biological fermentation & enzymolysis equipments.

Head of center:Professor Haile Ma

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