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My Jiangsu University story

Jiangsu University: From history point of view, this great institution was established in 1902 and is currently ranked among 1000 universities across the globe. Also, JU as affectionately called is ranked among Asia's top 200 university, 181 among BRICS as well as ranked 39th among the over 3000 higher educational institutions in China. Fortunately for me, I found myself in school of Food Science and Engineering that is ranked 1st among the schools in JU. Zhenjiang city of Jiangsu Province is the location of the school and currently has over 1500 international students studying various courses in both undergraduate and post graduate course offered in China and English. In terms of facilities, JU is proud of its state-of-the art library facility, a state-of-the art central laboratory besides the numerous laboratory scattered across each of the schools. Also, the school has state-of-the art gymnasium, three standard recreational parks for sporting activities and artistic buildings surrounded by decorated lawns and flowers making JU an “Eco-tourism facility”

Our Research Team: Under the leadership of Prof. Zhou Cunshan our research team focuses on green processing of fruits and vegetables (clean, dehydration, sterilization--technology and equipment): The school of Food Science and Biological Engineering is one of the many schools in JU devoted to undertake current and novel research in fruits and vegetables and related disciplines. The research team is headed by Prof. Zhou Cunshan. Our research group focuses on the green processing of fruits and vegetables with special emphasis on the water conservation and energy efficiency using infrared and ultrasound. Through the hard work of Prof. Zhou Cunshan, our research team has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the university and Food physical processing companies. As a result of hard work and dedication of the research team, many organizations are coming on board in partnership with the aim of developing physical processing for the green processing of fruits and vegetables. Prof Zhou has published several reputable articles (61 SCI), (61 EI), (37 patents, 2PCTs) and has won 7 Provincial Science and Technology Prizes.

Work and life in JU: In JU, the common and unwritten “law” (what is called virtue) is hard work and therefore it’s expected of every student to pursue such virtue. As a result, the School of Food Science and Engineering has several laboratories and resources for both students and tutors to facilitate research. This virtue has placed the school on the national ranking (8th position in China) in Food Sciences. Also several publications churn out of the school has also secured its 1st position among Schools in JU of which student in the School are also proud of. There are also several activities beside academics which include annual sport (among Chinese and foreign students) to foster unity. We have annual festival days to celebrate culture and diversity, clubs and societies that organize various forms of activities. There are interesting Chinese culture one automatically pick in JU such as the use of Chop sticks (kuaizi), Chinese language (my is little and improving daily) and eating of delicious Chinese cuisines. JU moments in my life would be unforgotten and this hard work and publication skills acquired would be forever. Special thanks goes to my team leader (Prof. Zhou Cunshan) and Miss Wang (affectionately call Annabel) for their dedications and hard work. I have learnt a lot from them. Others have labor but we share their glory. Ours is to do exploit and add to the gains

Long Live School of Food Science and Biological Engineering

Long Live JU

Long Live People Republic of China

Frederick Sarpong

PhD Student

Jiangsu University

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